Fiordland or Nepal??

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* Note: Posted in The Campfire as opposed to Tracks etc, as it doesn't specifically pertain to NZ tracks.... Well, it seems as though I won't be going on Survivor. Haven't heard anything, and probably should have by now. Will need to make a better video for next year. So, faced with a decision as to what to do over the winter months (May to August)..... I've thought about South America, as previously mentioned, but I'm inclined to tack that onto next year's Alaska/Canada trip to make one epic adventure. So the options that most appeal to me are (no particular order): 1. Complete remaining Great Walks (and do the not-yet-ready Pike 29 Memorial Great Walk), as well as a few fairly decent tramps (Dusky; North West/Southern Circuits of Stewart Island; George Sound; Hollyford/Pyke loop, any others I can fit in). 2. Spend the entire winter in Fiordland. Do the aforementioned Fiordland Tracks, plus some off-track stuff, including packrafting, fishing, a bit of hunting. 3. Go to Nepal for between 2 and 3 months, trekking to my heart's content! (Plus a bit of whitewater rafting, and of course cultural experiences thrown in for good measure). Things to take into account: 1. I work for Real Journeys, so transport to most of the Fiordland tracks (and Stewart Island) would be free. 2. I'm aware that I'm endeavouring to undertake these Fiordland/SI options on the fringe of/in the middle of winter. 3. Cost will be roughly the same. I have a hut pass, tent, and sleep in my car when needed, so accommodation is sorted for options 1 & 2. But fuel is expensive. Food here is a LOT more expensive than Nepal! Can comfortably live on $40-50 a day in Nepal, including accommodation/travel expenses etc. (Minus airfares, which will be about $1200). 4. Options 1 & 2 would allow me to supplement with some income (I'm pretty sure RJs are keen to offer me a casual winter contract, for starters). 5. I can only be out of NZ for x number of days (about 4 months) in each calendar year for the next two years in order to remain eligible for citizenship. So I would go to Nepal for 3 months max, meaning I can work an extra month before going. 6. I didn't do my tax return last year, and know I'm owed about $600. This year should be the same or better. 7. Regardless of anything (logistics/cost etc), 2017 MUST be epic! :D Any thoughts? Advice? Anyone with extensive experience trekking/traveling in Nepal? I think for either of these options $5-6K in total should be sufficient for 3-4 months of adventures (until work starts up again in September). At any rate, it can't be more than that, because that's the maximum I'll have. :D I need to decide by Wednesday night. This fortnight's pay is either going on my credit card or flights. ;) Cheers in advance for your thoughts/advice!

My gut feeling is that you should fit Nepal in if you can. Winter in Fiordland is a long and dismal time. I'd imagine the change would do you good.

Now that your application for survivor hasn't gone through. Are you still going off track, solo, for a month in Fiordland?

Thanks Philip, I appreciate your thoughts. Gaiter, that really depends on which option I choose. If I go to Nepal, then no. :)

Don't count on tax returns till they are finalised, especially if it's a part year

Then go to Nepal. Spent five weeks there trekking. One of the best experiences of my life.

Scottie, the tax returns would be a bonus. Not leaving myself stranded overseas (again). Gaiters, what did you do during your 5-week visit? Annapurna Circuit? Everest Base Camp? Stuff I haven't even heard of? :D

I did the 3 passes trek in the Khumbu as well as a couple of days at base camp. Went mid Sep so had most of the tea houses to myself on the way up. Did it alone, well me and a German I met at the airport in Kathmandu. Was an amazing trip. Next time I go to Nepal it will be to dolpo. That's the real stuff. But this year have to settle for Kyushu in Japan. The Huaraz region in Peru is another fine place to go tramping many great multi day tramps in the Andes. The Huayhuash is a good one. Many places to yourself as long as you go alone with a tent.

In the last 5 years, all of my holidays have been spent overseas. So Nepal would be my pick, or even somewhere in Northern India if you want to get off the beaten track a bit.

From the environmental perspective, one seat on a flight to Nepal would inject water vapour into the upper atmosphere which is a greenhouse gas. This would be ecologically equivalent to running a car for 4 years for each airline seat i.e. per capita. Also if you stay here in NZ, your money will too to some extent whereas some airline will pocket a large amount if you go overseas. However you might like to support the tourism industry in Nepal! You could always come back and plant a lot of trees to offset the damage of jet travel. I wouldn't like to travel in Fiordland in the winter. It is hard enough in the summertime.

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