MSR Tent for Sale - Carbon Reflex 2

I am selling my MSR Carbon Reflex 2 because I am not using it enough and the MSR tent collection I have is just getting bigger all the time :-) here are the details: - 2016 model (purchased in Oct 2016). - basically brand new, I have pitched it only twice (once for testing after buying and once during an overnight tramp). - this is arguably the lightest yet spacious tent out there right now. it only weights 990 g all in and packs down incredibly small - it is rated a 2 person tent and it fits 2 persons but I can also recommend it for single use (means more space for gear inside). - MSR ground sheet is available too - retails for 999 NZD - i am willing to let it go for 750 NZD I won't list all the details (too long), you can easily get these off the MSR website when you google for MSR Carbon Reflex 2.

Hi Alex, Very interested in this tent. Are you still selling? Skye

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Started by alex55
On 29 January 2017
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