Sources for TVP, dried veges in Auckland?

Hi all, I'm pretty new here so please forgive me if this has already been discussed (I'm assuming Yes, but can't find answers with the Search tool). I'm trying without success to find places to buy TVP and dried veges. Preferably in bulk form, so I can choose my amounts and also do some tests. Everywhere I google I see that TVP is "available from health food shops and bulk bin stores"...............but when I go to such stores, I get told no-one wants to buy that sort of stuff any more so they don't stock it!!! Can some JAFAs here please tell me where they buy theirs? TIA :-)
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@waynowski: thanks for the info on the hydrolized collagen. The gelatine is around $65 for 2.5 kg and I would be paying about $40 for the 1kg I calculate, buying it from the supermarket at $4 for 100g so $100 for 2.5 kg. Maybe I'll try the more expensive collagen. I understand the gelatine is derived from cows' hides and is a form of collagen in itself.
gelatine is from boiled down cow parts like skin, and the cartliage and tendons and ligaments from the bones that all have high amounts of collagen in them, but its slow and hard to digest the hydrolised collagen is altered somehow or more purified collagen than the gelatine, its better bang for the buck because its higher in collagen and well absorbed, i definitely notice i dont get the bloated feeling i get with gelatine. personally if you can afford it take the collagen. i find taking it late in the day or taking too much will keep me awake at night, i feel more energy with it too... its protein after all that can also be used as neurotransmitters....
Really since the op was asking vegatables I should apologize for my comment on gelatin. Its not a vegitable product. Agar is made from seaweed and does much the same job
Anyway...naughty me. Back to hydrolised collagen. @waynowski: can you recommend a particular brand? This info may be helpful for other clapped-out old trampers too.

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