Sources for TVP, dried veges in Auckland?

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Hi all, I'm pretty new here so please forgive me if this has already been discussed (I'm assuming Yes, but can't find answers with the Search tool). I'm trying without success to find places to buy TVP and dried veges. Preferably in bulk form, so I can choose my amounts and also do some tests. Everywhere I google I see that TVP is "available from health food shops and bulk bin stores"...............but when I go to such stores, I get told no-one wants to buy that sort of stuff any more so they don't stock it!!! Can some JAFAs here please tell me where they buy theirs? TIA :-)
Try asian stores. Might not be the brand you know and can be well seasoned but good
Buying online might help too. Unfortunately Aji doesn't sell the dehydrated refried beans online that Matthew put me on to.
Thanks guys, are you able to give me more specific pointers than these? I've googled before and not found a huge amount of useful information (I will be visiting the Vegan Store in Grey Lynn next week but even they don't seem to have much), and googling "Aji" doesn't turn up anything useful at all.
You might want to check these out.
Well, that was fun. I checked out the Davis store and enquired as to the price of gelatine as I'm tired of paying $4 each week for a little container of the stuff from the supermarket. They have all sorts of wierd ingredients for sale e.g. frozen avocado halves - who knew?
If that Davis .nz is the same as Davis Trading in Petone then $4 would probably by a whole kg of gelatine plus postage Often these places are also on trademe which can sometimes make shoping easier but not always
Awesome, thanks FrankB!
hydrolized collagen is a lot more effective than gelatine, not cheap though, its absorbed far faster and you can have a lot more without it slowing your digestion down, disolves easily. i got some from (no affiliation) can get half kilo containers of it i had a problem with my cartilage a couple of months ago and its sorted now..
Yes, Geeves, same Davis.
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