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You may now "like" a track or other object, and then see it on your Facebook profile. You may use this feature without having an NZ Tramper account but you do need a Facebook account. Future Facebook integration is likely to include having the option to log in via Facebook, without needing an NZ Tramper account.
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Despite having a facebook account I think integration of this group would be a bad idea. Too often facebook discussions turn into meaningless drivel. Add all the other distractions there and the result is somewhat less than it could be. Can you imagine inviting everyone with a surname starting with A to a discussion in the town hall but with no idea what the discussion will be about and noone to point the discussion in any particular direction of even control what people say. This is pretty much what facebook is
I don't think much is likely to happen for some time regardless. We haven't seen Matthew for a while and I'd imagine he has some other things on his plate right now.
I suppose yes, you are all right. After thinking a bit more, the ones who are here are real contributors and genuinely interested.
Hi! Yes I've been very busy with other life matters. Earthquakes have taken quite a lot of time. Sold a house, got married. But I will be getting some things done soonish (just wrapping up another project). m
Congratulations on your nuptials....Matthew and wife...all the very best for the future.
Thanks! :)
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Started by matthew
On 11 May 2010
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