Sources of dried food: Egg and Bacon?

Im looking at making some sort of scrambled breakfast for tramping - anyone know of any sources for freeze drieed ingredients to buy in NZ? preferrably online? in particular im looking for eggs and bacon. Thanks
There has been a mention of dehydrated egg a few times in this forum. Someone told me recently about DIY freeze drying using sodium sulphate, a sealed container and a deep freeze. Hmmm....sounds like hard work. I used to dehydrate bacon and snack on it.
This is your egg sorted:
i prefer bacon, guys
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Honora - Dehydrated bacon sounds nice. Do you fry/microwave it first or dry it raw?
You can get 'bacon bits' at the supermarkets. You'ld have to check to see that it's real meat rather than a vegetarian substitute, if that makes a difference ?. BCC does a cooked breakfast product - ""a satisfying beef bacon, scrambled egg and beans, smothered in tomato sauce with hash brown potato."" Anything from McDonalds is probably bio-indestructible ;o
Don't think most 'bacon bits' type products are the real thing - also was thinking of larger chunks for snacking or to add impact to a meal.
Hi. Sure !. Most Bacon Bits seem to be flavoured TVP. If you're not interested in a mummified "Bacon & Egg McMuffin", them something resembling sliced bacon ration looks tricky. That's why they go TVP ?. Supermarkets also sell vacuum sealed smoked bacon that would travel okay for a few days if kept out of sun and zip-locked. Re-packaging and freezing might give you a bit longer ?. But successful dehydrating seems to be about removing fat & grease, as that readily goes rancid. Cooked bacon should be alright for a couple of days if kept cool after cooking. Frozen chicken breasts will last a while. Pork scratchings have been mentioned before. Maybe your local European or South African butcher can help ?. Doubt that it will be cheap.
@stunted: I fried or microwaved it first (can't remember which) then dehydrated it.
Bacon & Egg McMuffin looks delicious! I want to make homemade bacon and egg muffins for my familly next weekend, kids like them. Till that time I will get my new blender which I ordered on Actually my old blender was broken, so I had ordered new one. Thanks for the great idea.

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On 18 October 2016
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