Looking for Tramping with kids

Hi There folks. I moved to NZ a year ago for the outdoorsy lifestyle. I am very passionate about being outside and exploring. I have two little kids that love being outside too. My son is 7 years old and is pretty strong. Last summer, we were able to do a few overnight hikes in the Waitakere Ranges and he loved it. My wife and Daughter want to go on a few trips this spring/summer. My daughter is only 4 so I am requesting for any interesting hikes you folks might suggest for us as a family of 4? My requirements are: 1. No more than 5km of walking per day 2. Within a 2 hour drive of Auckland Any suggestions fellow trampers?
Are you looking for easy graded tracks or a little tougher?
Hey Keil. Thanks for replying. Easy graded trails to start with, lets see how she copes.
Check out Daly's Clearing Hut and Waitawheta Hut (both accessed from Franklin Rd near Karangahake Gorge). Daly's Clearing would be 3-4km to the hut, while Waitawheta is a bit longer at 7.5km (but completely flat). https://tramper.nz/2123/dalys-clearing-hut/ https://tramper.nz/1464/waitawheta-hut/ The Pinnacles Hut behind Thames is another great option for kids https://tramper.nz/74/route-guide-the-pinnacles-track/ I'm assuming you want to stay in a hut? If so, there are limited options around Auckland. I believe there are a handful of huts in the Hunua Ranges although I haven't tramped to any of them myself so can't comment on the routes.
A little bit further away is Peach Cove hut at Bream Head (Whangarei). http://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-go/northland/places/whangarei-heads-area/things-to-do/peach-cove-hut/
Ah, Peach Cove hut. I helped to build that with the Whangarei Tramping Club back in the 60s (before the endless flights of steps were thought of.) Good memories.

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Started by TheTravellingSaffa
On 4 October 2016
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