Hut Bagging Rules- a dilemma

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I'm not a dedicated hut bagger but huts do interest me a great deal. I started to count one day and got to nearly 400 but then some dilemmas started to occur. eg. Can you count a hut that not longer exists? What if a hut has been replaced and you visit the new one, does that count as two? They are different buildings and often on slightly different sites. Then theres the case of Totara Flats Hut in the Tararuas. When I first visited it was by the swing bridge over the Waiohine, then it moved a kilometre or so downstream and now its back to its old location. 3 distinctly different buildings on 2 sites but chronologically well seperated. Only the name remains constant. Does this count as 1,2 or 3 huts visited?

I am not a dedicated hut bagger either but I tend to find that these sort of things cease to become fun when you start having rules. I reckon the rules are up to you. If you feel like you have been to 3 huts at Totora Flats then so be it. If you feel like it has been 1 hut all along then so be that Personally there are a lot of huts that I know I have been to but have no idea of when, then there are others that I might have been to, but am not certain. Eventually it all turns into a haze.

I know the feeling.I was brought up in Rotorua and as a kid visited quite a lot of huts in the Ureweras and the Whirinaki.I can remember a few but this is back in the late 70s early 80s and now that in the last few years i have sorta started to hut bag i wish i could remember just to add to my tally.Nowdays i record everywhere i go.I visited the second Totara Flats years ago and am not sure whether it counts as a second hut or not.Its in a different location now so maybe it does.Same as the new Atiwhakatu hut which i visited recently,mind you its only been shifted over a few metres from the old hut site.Oh well at least i know where ive been going these last few years,its all recorded for prosterity.

My personnel rule to myself is that I must have a photo of the hut that I have bagged, I had done a few when I was younger but not having a photo of it I will go back there. If there is a new hut and old hut I would count that as two seperate one`s just for the effort of getting back to the same spot. The only reason why I hut bag is its a great feeling to look back and see the hard effort that you put in to getting to the hut plus the photos along the way look amazing and is great to look at when ya cant get up there.

No Rules huts are just a great reason to visit an area in fact i didnt count them until somebody decided to register the numbers. I suspect i have visited twice the number recorded i just cant recall them all right now or like pmcke they all just vanish into the haze that is increasingly my memory.

I do have some strong feelings for huts i suppose its that blokes and garden sheds thing without the possibility of the wife interupting my musings with another list of things to do. Surpriseing how many resemble my garden shed.

I like having the photos to look back on, Im much more of tramping to a hut not just a track.I spose it just depends if you like staying in the huts compared to using a tent as I havnt done many over nighters mainly just day tramps to areas, all though in not staaying there the night I feel like I dont get to appreciate the area as much, just walk in/walk out

A friend of mine has a guideline of having to be able to cast a shadow on a hut in order to say you've been there. He wasn't impressed when I suggested trying to bag Kylie Biv (Ruahines) at sunrise from a parallel ridge.

Cast a shadow! You can cut half my huts out for a start. All those visited in bad weather when you have no shadow.

Well to be fair, I think his actual rule is to be "close enough to cast a shadow". Interpret it how you like -- I do. :)

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