for hiking

Hi all, All people who loves hiking, tourism and expeditions will find our project rather helpful and interesting. Our team has started a new project on the kickstarter for people like ourselves. We are asking you to become a part of our project and we think that our stove will find a cozy place within you standard camping gear set.
Love to see it being lit in a few of those pictures (edit where did everything go)
Wouldnt it be easier and to put a grill on a fire? In most public campground you cant light your own fire and when your out in the bush you usually take along a gas cooker anyway...
This thing does look well thought out and made but there are already 100s of similar things on the market and Doc sees them as an open fire so there use is quite limited.
Yeah - this stove will sure not be finding a cozy place within my standard camping gear set

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Started by Andrey
On 1 October 2016
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