Back Country Crusine: Enough Calories per Serve?

I am suprised by the rather "lack" of calories at roughly 1.6k they provide considering they are designed for active lifstyles where we would use up alot more than our usual 2k cals per day. I have the assumption that they should be providing around 2.5 - 3k calories. I know you can add stuff to them to compensate but adding 500 - 1k of extra cals would defeat the purpose of "easy-go" dehy meals
Too me BCC is a source of mainly soy proteinaceous flavour and needs the bulking up with around 50g per person of carb. However I was checking up who uses 25g of fat - either ghee or beef tallow instead with good results and effects. Check out 'fat and unfit in Fiordland' if you want to learn more.
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Your calorie requirement will vary a lot depending on things like weights, duration, metabolism. Some people struggle to eat a double-serve BCC meal in one sitting. Personally, to paraphrase Honora, I find BCC a convenient way to put some variety into my mealtime. But it's only a part of my daily menu. Perhaps think of it as a main course, rather than a total ration ?.
We covered much of this a while ago. All this packaged dehi is very low fat so relatively low calories. I never touch the stuff, though might get some freeze dried mince if I didn't have time to make my own. Fat is twice the calories of anything else, so to add calories, add fat. Ways to add fat calories include ghee, tallow, personally I find the easiest to carry is light olive oil in a soft drink bottle. You should be able to improve most meals by adding 40-50 ml of olive oil or ghee. Other things you can add to push the calories up are desiccated coconut or coconut cream powder, peanuts, whole milk powder. Carry a bit of potato flakes and chuck in a spoonful or two to soak up the excess oil if there's more of an oil slick on top of you dinner than you are used to. If you add too much olive oil to the muesli, chuck in some chocolate drink powder, give it a stir and call it chocolate sauce. I'm by no means a believer in paleo / low carbs diets, but I agree with that pushing the fat content of my tramping diet way up has meant I don't need to stop and snack during the day, don't feel the need for chocolate and other high sugar snacks during the day.

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On 27 September 2016
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