Ruahines access to Wakarara Road end closed

27 September 2016: Wakarara Road closed There is no road access to tracks at the end of Wakarara Road – the last section of Wakarara Road has been shut to the public. Respect the landowner's decision as this is private land. DOC is looking at poling a nearby paper road, which will enter downstream of where the current private road enters the Makaroro River. For more information, contact: Te Papaioea / Palmerston North Office Phone: +64 6 350 9700
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If it is The paper road isnt on the Wams site. Thats not a good start to a resolution
Where are you looking? When I look at WAMS (see the link in my earlier comment), the legal road follows the actual road for most of the distance. The actual vehicle road becomes a private road as it goes around a hairpin bend, entering the river next to the historic mill site. Meanwhile the legal paper road continues south-east from the hairpin bend, over a bluff and into the river about 1km downstream from where the private road crosses. The river's legal access (I'm not certain but will assume), so if there's a way down the bluff, which I presume is what DOC's suggesting it might mark, then it should still be legal to at least walk down it to reach the riverbed, then double back up the river to where the actual road crosses roughly 1km up-stream, and eventually into RFP. Am I understanding this right?
What Izogi said matches exactly what I was told.
Oh well I can only hope the landowner is pleased with themselves.
As the paper road give legal foot access accross their land I assume the issue is with vechiles. At times the road down to the old mill site become impossible for cars and judging by the tire marks quite a few people take 4WD across and up the river. I suspect it is people getting their vechiles stuck and coming and crying for help which might be the annoying thing for the farmer.
In which case a gate to prevent vehicle access would have performed admirably.
Looks like the Wakarara Rd to Makaroro River access is open again: "From the carpark, follow a poled route (marked with orange track markers) along the farmers fence line and through a paddock down to the river." Can anyone confirm?
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