Gunsight Pass

Anybody crossed this pass as a loop on the Temple branches? At first glance, looks like a weekend trip if you camp at the start before setting off.
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Anyone got any updates on this? Looking at it for a potential trip in the next few weeks.
This is a great trip but if its been raining the water comes right down the narrow gut that you walk up to the pass. The stuff you walk on is like porridge and very crumbly however it is a very worthwhile trip and the end of the North Temple valley is spectacular
Has anyone been over Gunsight Pass this season? Just wondering about conditions and also feasibility of doing the trip without camping (e.g. staying South Temple hut)... any insights appreciated!
Yep possible to do in a day. Did it with intention of camping under canvas but was so close to the road end just kept going. Carried all that load for nothing. Good sustained climb and hope for a glissade once over the top.
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Started by Matthew
On 10 September 2016
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