Hi all, just after some feedback on the Ruahines as I am planning a trip there for the middle of September and it's an area I've only been to a couple of times before. Normally I wouldn't have any worries but I'm going with a friend of a friend who I've only done one previous trip with. He held up well on that trip (Kaweka-Kaimanawa traverse) but I had to abbreviate the original route planned as the third party member was struggling so we never really put in more than 6 hour days. For this trip I have planned the following: Day 1 (starting approx noon - need to drive down from Hamilton): Leave North Block Rd destination Waterfall Hut via Waipawa and Rangi Saddles. Day 2: Leave Waterfall Hut destination Otukota Hut or Wakelings Hut via Hikurangi Range (and Mokai Patea Range if going to Otukota). Not sure if this day is feasible as struggling to find trip times for from Crow Hut to Otukota. If I was on my own it looks easily achievable based of previous trips but don't want to kill my companion! Day 3: Leave Otukota or Wakelings destination Top Maropea via Maropea Forks Hut and Ruahine Range. Day 4: Out from Top Maropea to car park - maybe head up Te Atuaoparapara depending on conditions and how we are feeling. I've had a read of what I can find online (really enjoyed Madpom's length of the Ruahines trip) and in the books I have but keen on peoples personal experience. I'm happy to do 8 to 10 hour days if need be but obviously don't want to push it much longer at this time of year. Thanks all.
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Thanks for your advice Ruahine and will take it - anything to make travel easier. Coming from Iron Peg, how obvious is the turn-off to come off the ridge and head down Pinnacle Ck? I'll be accessing McKinnon from Wakelings - thanks for the heads-up on Kawhatau base, a fact I have been aware of for sometime.
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From memory there is a DoC sign at the top of Pinnacle creek. In clear conditions you can see Waterfall hut from here. The Pinnacle creek route is steepish at the top but soon eases out and becomes an easy creek to walk down. I attach links from a mates blog of a trip we did down Pinnacle creek a few years ago. Just before the the Pinnacle creek turnoff there is a very short scrambly section on the Hawkes Bay Range that is a little exposed. It shouldn't present any problems but some parties have commented on it.
Ruahine thanks for your help - much appreciated.
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On 24 August 2016
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