100% Merino Wool Made in New Zealand

Hi fellow trampers This season our family business has moved from servicing commercial customers and fulfilling wholesale orders to opening up our own online store. All our products are MADE IN NEW ZEALAND FROM 100% MERINO WOOL. Providing warmth and comfort without the bulk our products are easy to care for, are naturally stretchable and offer natural anti-bacterial properties that mean you can wear them in confidence every day. They are the perfect addition to wear while tramping or throw in your pack to put on when you need them. Check us out at http://www.smartmerino.co.nz all orders over $99 include free shipping. Regards Chris @ Smart Merino
Hi Chris, is your merino New Zealand sourced or from aussie?
Important distinction as NZ-sourced wool doesn't come from sheep that have been subjected to mulsing.
Holy crap Honora! I just googled mulesing, and I had no idea they do that! Deplorable!
Apparently it's to protect the sheep from flystrike which isn't very nice either.
Yeah, those Aussie flies are bastards, for sure! :D
A lot of New Zealand made merino is Aussie sourced wool.
Funny how we haven't heard back from Chris?! Smartwool is Aussie whereas Icebreaker used to have a baacode where you could identify which high country station the merino wool came from. Not sure if they still do it. I tried once and it didn't work, but the next time it did. However I can't stand merino - definitely a polartech kind of girl though the possum/merino is really warm and light. I find merino cold and damp and have a lovely Icebreaker jersey to give away (small woman - lilac, mauve) I bought it in an op shop for my deceased MIL who never got the chance to wear it.
I tried possum/merino socks once. By day 3 all the possum had fallen out and I was left with a very skinny merino sock that was next to useless. Washed them on the return home (don't know why) and you could just about see through them. Tossed them in the rubbish bin.
Yeah, makes good bed/hut socks but not tramping socks. Though I did see someone (wealthy) use a pair for that and boy, did they dry fast! I darn mine as they cost a packet. I wore them tramping once and they matted up and macerated my trotters. Be alright with a sock liner though.

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Started by smartmerino
On 19 August 2016
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