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Hi all Im new to the site. I've been researching gear and particularly keeping myself and my gear dry as possible. I found good advice here, so thanks to all the contributors. One article I have found which was fantastic was this: http://jwbasecamp.com/Articles/DryGear/index.html So well written and clearly setting out his reasoning for gear sacks or dry bags as I call them Hope this is of some use to people (like me) starting out Pete
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@geeves. Pretty wet.: 2 days in sun to dry wet. Tested it out when I had that fall up the Karangarua and bag ended in stream.
@madpom. That's a real life example there. How long was it in the water for?
Thanks. My hypothesis is obviously incorrect on this one.
Hard to say. Enough time to figure out what bones were broken and do compression-to-stop-bleeding on some pretty serious holes. Could be easily 15 mins, depending on at what point it rolled into the creek. So not really a good example for everyday tramping, I realise now.
Have used "Nikwax TX.Direct Wash In" on gear before. That's the waterproofing you put in the washing machine. Threw in a hat and now I can't clean the damn thing !. Might be an idea to throw in the stuff sacks next time ?.
That was some time ago. Was it the modern style compression bag that effectively compresses the bag till its a block of wood?
Na just a stuff sack. Not seen compression bags in decades. Don't they ruin the loft in down bags?
I use compression sacks all the time, and find them quite useful. I just don't STORE my down stuff in them, but open and loose when at home. I can fit my entire sleep system in one smallish silnylon bag. Sleeping bag and set of thermals (compressed), liner (stuffed small) and air mattress (rolled small). Happy days. :)
Yea from what I understand the down is only ruined from long term compression. And even for trips don't squeeze it down to a block of concrete. Like @Kreig I keep my sleeping bag, silk liner and sleeping thermals in a waterproof compression sack (Sea to Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack). Electronics have their own specific dry bag. Most other things just in snap lock bags and then everything inside a Sea to Summit pack liner dry bag or the standard dry pack liner when using the Aarn pack. I think I'd like to move to some more individual dry bags, especially for dry clothes.
compression doesnt ruin down, its stored and shipped highly compressed from suppliers. its being left damp that destroys it..
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