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Hello all My partner and I are coming to NZ from Aus for 2 weeks at the start of October and are planning/hoping to include a 4-5 day tramp somewhere. My experience includes multi-day treks in Tasmania and Victoria. We would love to do something that includes alpine scenery and really like the sound of the Travers-Sabine circuit or Keppler track, however we have zero avalanche experience and never tramped in NZ before. I feel like it would probably be unwise to try to tackle these tramps at this time of year. Can anyone please suggest appropriate tracks for this time of year? We don't have any sort of plan for our trip yet as it will be dependent on where we plan to walk. Thanks very much!
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Some years snow/avalanche can still be a problem on the Travers-Sabine circuit at that time of the year. One nearby option which is typically snow free in October would be the Mount Richmond Alpine route. Stunning location, and the views can be breathtaking.
I second Militaris words. A lot of good trips in Mt Richmond forest park in general. May be some snow but not the Avalanche risk of the Travers-Sabine.

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Started by SallyW
On 5 August 2016
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