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Saw some short gaiters at Farmlands last week (Stony Creek) and thought they'd be useful to wear when full length is a bit overkill. They included a loop to affix a strap to but no straps. Therefore I'm wondering if there's a tried and true material that has proven itself with regular use. At the moment I was thinking of using clothes line (plastic coated wire) but they are difficult to secure. Best ideas how to tie? Clamp? Knot? Something that can be detached on one side reasonably quickly and adjustable according to the boot they are on. I'm not asking much am I... Thanks :-)
When the original straps broke on my gaiters I found some cheap chain in the garage. Set it the right length for your boots and step in. Gets a few funny looks but the original chain lasted 3 years untill I changed boots and had to put longer chains on. Its one time fit and forget. You cant adjust afterwards
Great idea @geeves, I might have a bit of the old plug chain as used in sinks lying around, that'd do quite nicely.
Stainless fishing trace wire. You can get crimps to create a loop either end set the length clip/crimp in place.
4 mm utility cord - easily knotted, lightweight, good abrasion resistance, cheap. BTW, you need boots with an in-step. Boots that have a flat sole rip through any gaiter strap material.
+1 for 3mm chain (cut to length Placemakers/Mitre 10). Attach to gaiter with plastic cable ties. Not adjustable, sorry. But one size should fit all ?.
Cut to size. If using cable ties there is a little one time adjustment. All boots are different so one size does not fit all
Picked up some utility cord at the local hardware shop (we live in a rural service town). The boys had not heard of "utility cord" before. They reckoned it was the white woven cord they sell off the roll, although it was 3.5mm. Some great suggestions here, many thanks for all the feedback.
The bivouac wires linked above are very good and come in 3 sizes. I bought some for an old pair of gaiters then changed the gaiters and the wires didnt fit the combo of new gaiters old boots. They are not cheap when you cant wear them out. That utility cord is probably the right stuff. Not much different to tent guy line. There are different grades. Some better than others but you can only get what you can get in a small town
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Started by JETNZ
On 31 July 2016
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