Solo Kayaking in Hauraki Gulf - Am I Nuts?

I have been kayaking in waterways around Auckland once a week for a year with my 73 year old father. We have sit on top sea kayaks. However, I am getting bored and want more but because of my father's age I will have to do more on my own. I want to kayak from St Heliers to Rangitoto. I want to kayak to all the islands actually, but this is my starter. I'm familiar with checking weather, etc. What frightens me is meeting bigger boats and not being able to get out of the way in time. Having people yelling at me for being in the way or fog horns being sounded. I am interested in what other people's experiences are in this respect. It's not that I'm not physically able to handle the challenge, just that I know my kayak is not as fast as sit in kayaks and there's not a lot I can do about it. I know there are groups that do this kayak but having my own gear I don't want to pay someone to enable me to do it.
Have a search online There are canoe clubs that might help out. Its always more fun in a group
No, not mad at all. I do plenty of sea kayaking from Auckland's eastern coast, a tad further south from Bucklands Beach/Howick. Indeed I kayaked over and camped at Motutapu on Saturday just gone. You hit the nail on the head re: weather, wind and swell predictions, they're certainly the biggies for sea kayaking, what might be a barely noticeable wind tramping, can be completely different on the ocean and not safe. Auckland's east coast is great for kayaking though, being sheltered from the prevailing west winds, and the islands can also keep off the worst of Easterlies too. Yes, at times it can be busy on the seas at times, mostly boaties on summer weekends, but I don't find the bigger ferries a problem. They can be relatively frequent to Waiheke Island and the like, but I've never been bothered. I kayak both a sit on and sit in, each has different advantages. Tend to find alot of the kayak clubs are very definitely sit in focused. There's campsites on both Motutapu and Motuihe, though sadly I think only the one on Waiheke.
Hi JustMe, Are you still kayaking around the gulf? I have a sit on and also want to do some exploring a bit further afield and looking for someone to go with.

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Started by JustMe
On 16 February 2016
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