Cookies Hut

Alert to hutbaggers: Cookies is now on public conservation land due to Glenrock Station Tenure Review. DoC are doing up Cookies hut and have removed a lot of rubbish (thanks, hunters). Hope they have a fireplace/stove in it but don't hold your breath.
Don`t know about a fireplace but my guess is it`ll be a summer hut,like Tribulation Hut.Vehicle access is severely restricted these days unless you feather the palm of Station owners.Either of these huts open up some good territory.
Well, Frank and I have always been keen to drop down off from Lagoon Hut and cross the N. Ashburton so that's a good destination. I consider that river to be an autumn prospect.
Popped in to check out Cookies Hut and it does have a woodstove still. It's looking good. I put it on this site.
Nice one. Looks like you could do a quite nice 3-4 day loop from Mount Somers, visiting Manuka, Comyns, Cookies, and back to Alford Forest with a little cycling to finish.
Yes, you can go from Manuka to Cookies via Boundary Col too if you want to skip Comyns. Dave Wightman is the landowner of Mt Winterslow if anyone wishes to obtain his permission to go to Manuka via his land (topical point). His land is rented out and destocked in winter, I understand.
Wightman has sold up now. No doubt the land will be used for private hunting trips. Cookies is still accessible after the flooding of June 2021. Tribulation Hut has lost its toilet - lying 50m downstream on its side but looks intact.

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Started by Honora
On 15 February 2016
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