Huts with mountain/glacier views, 1 day climb?

Hi, can anyone give me any tips on what mountain huts can be reached in 1 day (10 hour or less climb, average fitness), with great views of mountains or glaciers? Are there any? Is Chancellor Hut reachable anymore or not? I couldn't find much info on the web, but it seems like you have to just climb up the glacier? (Have used crampons and ice ax before and wouldn't mind carrying in case but would prefer routes generally away from ice as we don't have too much experience) Hope someone can offer some advice... thanks Jodie
There is always a way up to Chancellor Hut. Is has more to do with how determined you are. The route will change from season to season.If you aren't comfortable on the ice then the journey up to there might be a little nerve racking. I would suggest flying by copter to Chancellor Hut ( i flew with three others for $260 ). It's a small price to pay for saving a days walk. From there , in summer, you could ascend to Chancellor Dome via steep snow grass slopes above the hut. There are some photos enroute to Chancellor shelf in my collection under 'aardvark'. Otherwise, Castle Rock Hut on Franz Josef is worth investigating or else Brewster Hut above Haast Pass. It's a 3 hr ascent from Fantail falls carpark to Brewster Hut (upgraded this last season to 12+ bunks)The Glacier on Mt Brewster could be viewed after a short scramble up Mt Armstrong above the hut.The glacier has been touted as accessible to trampers.Refer to Moirs guide North. Cheers aardvark
Mueller Hut is an obvious one from Mount Cook, with views of the mountain itself. There's also an easy climb up Mt Ollivier from the hut. French Ridge Hut is also good. It would be a pretty long day from the car park though -- there's a lot of river flats walking then a very steep climb. Better to spend two days coming in.
Flying to Chancellor contributes to a warming climate (small yes, but it all adds up), and the slow death of the glacier that folks come to marvel at. Engage with it on foot as far as you are comfortable with, and treasure the encounter!
Sefton Biv
Cameron Hut at the base of Mt Arrowsmith.

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