Boot soles coming off - always carry string!

Just had my Asolos start losing their soles, fortunately on the last day of the trip and also coming off fortunately from the heel foreward! I was the only one of four carrying a spare boot lace which saved the day. Cut it in two and tied the sole on around the instep and just made it to the exit by treading very carefully and avoiding sharp rocks. By then one sole was almost completely off and the other still just OK. Has anyone had any success re-gluing soles on themselves? A search of the internet has many people recommending 'Shoe Goo'. The trouble is - will I ever be able to trust these boots again? Although I've had them about 6 years they've probably only done about 70 or 80 days and still have heaps of life in them.
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Thanks. It might make sense for Frank to get another pair at that price.
Boots are not what they used to be...have tried all the locally found glues , they will last for a while. presently testing E6000 and B7000 will post conclusions.
I posted recently about my Meindl soles coming off at the toes. Things I have learned from this experience - 1. Not all boot repair places are equal - thanks to advice I got here - after the first repair failed very quickly - I went to another place in Welly, and they did a masterful job - that held up on a 6-day easter tramp over a lot of rock & scree, 2. Keeping boots out in direct sunlight to dry counts as "forced drying" - I admit that I naively didnt realise this before - and this most probably caused the problem in the first place. I was fully prepared for the repair to fail on this big easter trip - and had some spare laces and roll of elastoplast with me in case. Luckily they werent required - altho I cant imagine how inconvenient and potentially dangerous a boot failure could be - especially in hairy country like the Raglan range.
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Started by deepriver
On 20 November 2015
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