Boot soles coming off - always carry string!

Just had my Asolos start losing their soles, fortunately on the last day of the trip and also coming off fortunately from the heel foreward! I was the only one of four carrying a spare boot lace which saved the day. Cut it in two and tied the sole on around the instep and just made it to the exit by treading very carefully and avoiding sharp rocks. By then one sole was almost completely off and the other still just OK. Has anyone had any success re-gluing soles on themselves? A search of the internet has many people recommending 'Shoe Goo'. The trouble is - will I ever be able to trust these boots again? Although I've had them about 6 years they've probably only done about 70 or 80 days and still have heaps of life in them.
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I said I'd report back on using Shoe GOO on the soles of my boots ------- no GOOd! On tough terrain after one day they were coming off again so onto the rubbish heap they have gone! And, yes, I did heaps of sanding, cleaning etc. before gooing them up. Of course I will never know if it would have worked to have got them professionally repaired.
If the soles of your boots start to come off or even just lift a little bit go to a bootmaker as they have some wonderful glues you can't buy in shops. Shoe repairs seem to be the cheapest thing around. Only $10 to glue the soles of my boots which were lifting a bit on the heel and arch.
If you do not wish to lose your sole NEVER dry your boots in the sun or using heat. Hot water cupboards are dangerous. The temperature may be relatively moderate but exposure times are often very long. Carrying boots in your car is also hazardous in warm or sunny weather as high local temperatures may be reached. I hang my boots on the clothesline in the shade or use a dehumidifier when I need to dry them having first removed excess water using an old towel - squeezing rather than rubbing.
the glue that holds the soles on is heat sensitive and loosens with heat.
Thanks for the tips regarding heat and boot glue. I noticed the sole at one of my heels coming away this weekend and glued it with superglue but then it came away again. The insulation tape I put on it didn't take too long to disappear. Anyway the boot is getting the heave-ho as the upper needs repair. Just one boot though as I managed to buy 2 different models of Hi-Tec Ion Mask in the one pair. Took me 6 months to notice they were different from each other. A good test though as the Altitude model is so more more long lasting though it dried much more slowly. The other annoying thing is I bought a non Ion Mask Hi-Tec pair of boots the same sizing as the Ion Masks and they're too small so I'll have to bite the bullet and buy new boots.
Honora - which model Altitude was the good one? I see there are 3 very different Altitude models -
@deepriver: it looks as though the ion masks are no more. So I guess it would be that third altitude model I'll be getting. Frank has been trying to get a decent boot for years and has finally got lucky with a Teva boot! M Riva Peak Mid Event - only cost him $350. Must be the event lining that he neither wanted nor needed. It looks nice and broad in the forefoot. Hopefully it lasts though he is very hard on his boots. He likes to modify the terrain with them with a bit of civil engineering.
Honora - those Hi-Tecs you'll be getting look too low at the back for me. My ankles are a bit weak and I need all the support I can get. Frank's Teva ones look good but they are on clearance everywhere and either they have none left or only odd sizes. Bummer, as they are down to $170 or thereabouts.
@deepriver: Wow, are they on sale online at Torpedo 7 I wonder. As you know ankle support is not something I need!
Yes they are at $169.99
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Started by deepriver
On 20 November 2015
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