Tramping vs Hiking trends

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@DonaldDuck: "If you go onto google trends (interesting and informative in of itself)" That's an interesting observation for which I'll start a different thread. Tramping versus Hiking in Google Trends: Definite trends, and right now they seem roughly equivalent (for searches within New Zealand).
I believe the trend is people are using the term hiking when looking for international content, while the term tramping would be more common when targeting NZ content. Also with increasing number of tourists, they to would be more likely to search for hiking rather then tramping while in New Zealand. I would also note, that searches for trekking is on the decline.
When I'm chatting about what I've done lately, if there's an overnight, it's a tramp. A day trip, in and out, is a hike. To me, it's a matter of connotation. So it's fairly subjective.
I'm exactly the same pro active, day hikes and overnight tramps.
Scroll to the end of the trends page and it's also interesting to see the most common terms combined with each. In popularity order: Hiking: "nz hiking" "hiking boots" "hiking new zealand" "auckland hiking" "tramping" (I'm unsure why that's listed) "hiking shoes" "hiking boots nz" "hiking gear" "hiking queenstown" "hiking christchurch" Tramping: "tramping club" "tramping nz" "auckland tramping" "tramping new zealand" "tramping boots" "wellington tramping" "auckland tramping club" "tramping tracks" "christchurch tramping" "tramping gear" Hiking searches seem to be more biased towards gear searches, especially footwear, and with less emphasis on clubs and regions than tramping. In the 'rising' column that shows recent trends, it's slightly different again. Hiking: "auckland hiking" "hiking boots" "hiking boots nz" "hiking christchurch" "hiking gear" "hiking new zealand" "hiking queenstown" "hiking shoes" "hiking shoes nz" "nz hiking" Tramping: "auckland tramping club" "christchurch tramping" "tararua tramping" "tramping boots" "tramping clubs" "tramping food" "tramping gear" "tramping hut" "tramping pack" "tramping tracks"
I use both terms fully interchangeably depending on where Im posting. Nearly everyone in NZ understands both terms to mean much the same thing but overseas forums think of tramping as something completely different. (they might wonder how you pay for internet access when sleeping under the stars)
tramping is tramping. its a kiwi term, and within nz, kiwis should use it. IMO I can understand if say a website is used to reach international visitors, or searching internationally for gear etc. But all backcountry walking, is "tramping". IMO how a short tramp becomes a hike escapes me the ongoing use of "hiking", will see the demise of the traditional term of Tramping. Its happening already, with younger trampers/hunters using the "H" work :)
You have some really strong viewpoints, IMO. Hahaha. Trekking, tramping, hiking, bush walking. Who really cares just getting of your asses and doing it is all that matters.
I'm the same...went for a wander with the 15yr old today up the Rangitata Valley/Potts river area but no way was that a tramp.A bit further and an overnight and it might have been. Its all subjective but I couldn't care less if its called hiking or tramping....and I'm reading the Shaun Barnett book Tramping at the moment 😊
Guess I grew up, when tramping was in its hey day. clubs went on "tramps" , day tramps, over night tramps, all sorts tramps I was a beginner tramper - then hunter in the Tararuas, and tramping clubs where everywhere. don't think theyd take kindly to me calling them hikers its a unique kiwi term, and like tramping clubs, is dying out, but with a helping hand by todays hikers, backpackers, wanderers, walkers and who knows what else. Like everything else, theres no sense of history, tradition or retaining our culture
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