Suggestions sought for Egg Powder / Crystals

Has anyone any recommendations as to the best form of egg powder to take tramping, either for cooking as scrambled eggs or for adding to other recipes to enrich flavour and add protein to a meal? A few years back someone (Karabiner, on 31 October 2012) suggested OvaEasy egg crystals ( refer: ) and provided a link to That website is no longer available. But I did find the US site for OvaEasy: It looks promising. But I presume the stuff cannot be easily or cheaply imported into NZ by individuals, without worrying about Customs. Is there an existing commercial NZ importer or an alternative source of egg crystals here? Thanks
These guys sell it by the 25KG sack :-)
BCC do eggs as a meal compliment More expensive no doubt, but less hassle
Thank you, hutchk and 1strider, for these suggestions.
Wow, 25kg sack. Maybe a tramping club would be interested. This stuff is seriously good. I was disappointed not to be able to find it again after I'd bought some. It's very nice with cheese as an omelet and could be used in pancake recipes or fritters. The mormons are big on dehydrated food and recipes as they store equivalent to 2 years of food just in case and like to use the ingredients to keep them fresh.
I considered the 25kg a tad on the large side. So dropped them an email 2 weeks ago to ask if they knew who might provide in smaller quantities. Didn't get a reply.
If you have a dehydrator you can dry your own eggs. Some people say no way should you dry eggs, others say it is absolutely fine. I've only tried it once (at home), but they seemed to reconstitute into scrambled eggs quite nicely. Basically you whisk up some eggs, dehydrate them at low temperature, grind into a powder and then they are ready to be reconstituted as scrambled eggs or as an ingredient. Can't say from experience how long the shelf life is. Details here:
For trips under 4 -5 days I used to just break them into a tall cannister (the old wide-mouthed Ciba tins used to be ideal) and carry them like that. On winter trips they seemed to keep just fine, and the yolks never broke up. Heavier than dehyd of course, but pretty convenient.
Good to know about that, thanks Briar. I successfully dehydrated cheese recently - grated and dried on lowest heat setting on baking paper. However it too, needs to be ground up after. I've got a wee coffee grinder for that.

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Started by antico
On 13 October 2015
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