Gas cannister on airplane?

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airnz website has a list of hazard items but it does not seem to list these. I am flying nationally soon. Has anyone taken their butane/propane gas cannisters in their general luggage? Prohibited by airnz (above link). Likewise banned on soundsair and airtothere when I checked, even though they fly lower than I tramp!.
Who goes on an airplane with a gas canister?
Its a wonder ciggarette lighters and matches arnt banned
I thought as much just grasping at straws, have never traveled with them before, flight arrives and ride leaves before shops open. hazard list has other things that seem alot worse than a cannister.
Nope - don't do it. The problem arises if the canister leaks in cargo hold. Potential for explosion or overcoming the crew with toxic gases.
if using a cannister stove and flying, part of your trip planning needs to be locating a vendor that sells cannisters somewhere at the end of your flight and is open when you are there.. if you have trouble locating somewhere , ask the local DOC office for a place.
I've done it with no issues - this is departing Napier though, no scans / security checks whatsoever.
Pop weeeeeeeeee thump Could be the result of a gas canister in the wrong place at the wrong time. Reality is though that in normal situations the safety margins built into all our fuel and gas tanks is many times what they would be subjected to and even if they leak (how many pack sharp items next to there fuel) its so far from any ignition source that the danger is next to non existent. Its only 10 years ago that smoking was banned on airplanes and only a few years before that that planes ran on gasoline and carried 100s of gallons of the stuff Biggest risk is a fire on board but I think that gas canister would be the least of my worries in that situation
aviation industry might also be worried about sharp edges of an exploded cannister possibly causing damage to the plane. you know what would happen if anyone heard an explosion, if it was reported to the crew they'd divert the plane to the nearest airport.. and you wouldnt leave the ground till a thorough inspection had taken place..
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Started by trooper
On 5 September 2015
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