DexShell waterproof socks

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From the Spring 'Hunting & Fishing' catalogue. In Trekking, Coolvent & Thermlite styles - Majority reviews are positive - Anybody tried ?.

I can't get past the suspicion that they'd turn my feet in to prunes - surely something '100% waterproof' wouldn't let much sweat out? If everyone chips in a dollar I'll buy a pair, wear them up Nguaruhoe this weekend, and write a comprehensive report :-)

made for cold conditions, reduce cold moisture from the outside coming into contact with the skin.

If you read Amazon reviews etc, people are wearing them for multiple days with no complaint about smell (they use silver) or sweaty feet (claimed to be breathable). They're supposed to be a snug fit so water doesn't go down the cuff. Coolvent's for hot conditions & Thermlite for cold.

Everytime I put synthetic socks on my feet are in a swimming pool of sweat in minutes and bits are falling off within the hour. Only time Ive had bad blisters its been in synthetic socks I wont be trialling them

@geeves - fair enough ! Thermlite & Trekker have an internal sock layer of 40% merino. Coolvent uses Coolmax.

Hunting and fishing sell a 3 pack of merino blend socks for about $40 which for me at least work very well as a base layer sock in a 2 sock system or as a single sock. One of my pairs of boots are too tight for double socks. These are a snug fit with no looseness and wear well. Only minus is the upper part is white (for the first dozen muddy trips anyway) Outer sock is just Warehouse woolen work socks They dont need to be better than that

@geeves I only wear a single sock per foot. Recently replaced my favourite woolens with new Backroads 'Alpines' from Farmlands farmers chain store. 72% merino. Similar price as they were on monthly special. Really good cushioning, look durable and comfortable as. :) Problem is, once wet they stay wet all day. Just wondering about the DexShells. The links claim "100% waterproof, yet highly breathable". They need to be snug around the cuff to keep the water out when fully submerged. They incorporate a Porelle hydrophilic membrane between an abrasion resistant outer and a comfort inner (40% merino). Molecular structure of the membrane keeps water out, yet warm water vapour gets drawn off your foot and expelled out through it. Hence, no sweat accumulation like you'd get wearing plastic bread bags. Might try the Trekkers. At least they'd be useful hut socks ?.

Its a little off topic but It used to be Thou must wear 2 pairs of heavy wollen socks. This was in the days when boots were steel hard till the first stream despite how much neatsfoot oil and dubbin you had rubbed in. Boots "improved" with softer leathers and it became a thin inner sock and heavy outer sock but now often the recomendation is one sock only. My take on this is that a second sock equates to a little less than half a shoe size. A good fitting boot should only need one sock but often you find size x too tight and x1/2 too loose so a second sock will allow the bigger boot and no blisters

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waterproof boots don't stay waterproof, if you are river crossing then you'll end up with swimming pools in your boots that won't drain.. the waterproof lining in boots all eventually fail and let water in. socks can be the same.. waterproof socks are really for cold weather to keep your feet warmer and reduce wet cold boots from affecting your feet.

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