Worried about children tramping

Hi all, So I am not a tramper but my husband loves to walk. He is really keen to take our just gone 4 yr old walking up mount Robert for an overnight stay so he can play in the snow. I feel really nervous about letting them go. Am I being ridiculous? I don't know what to expect or what the track is like but the word 'snow' makes me feel uneasy. What if the weather gets bad? Is it safe for a child so young to be walking in the snow?
click the live timelapse box and move your mouse back and forward to see mt robert on the right on the left hand side of the hill throught the past day. you can see how much snow is up there, at the moment not an excessive amount, as long as the forecast is reasonable and there hasnt been a recent big dump of snow it will be pretty safe, juste dress appropriately for the weather with enough warm clothes, always take wet weather gear including waterproof trousers, its a good quality track to get up there. will the child be walking all the way or will your husband be carrying them if they get tired? if they are walking then they should have previous practice walking up a hill approaching a 500m vertical gain in elevation. you need to be sure they wont get exhausted. http://www.tasman.govt.nz/tasman/webcams-in-tasman/st-arnaud-webcam/ you can see the forecast here http://www.metservice.com/mountain/nelson-lakes-national-park
I dont know the track up Mount Robert and dont know how hard a walk it is. Also we dont know the experience level of your 4 year old. Some would happily walk all day every day for a week some struggle to get to the letter box but after looking at this website http://www.newzealand.com/us/article/mount-robert-walkway/ I would expect most average 4 year olds to be able to make the trip. A few provisos though. As Waynoski has stated apropiate clothing for a small child in very cold possibly wet conditions. The school raincoat probably is inadequate. Children get cold quick if they get wet and need more insulating layers than an adult. Decent shoes Boots are best but cost too much for a single trip or even if they become a regular tramper there feet are growing too quick. Be prepared to turn back even if only because the child isnt enjoying it. Rent a Epirb just in case I took my kids on a similar distance tramp at ages 2 and 4 but carried the 2 year old about half the way in but he was fine on the way out If you are too worried go with them If you are really too worried you could always just drive to Rainbow skifield for a play in the snow. There you will see much younger kids skiing flat out down the slopes
Look at the weather forecast. If the weather is deteriorating, don't go. I'm presuming your husband is looking at Bushline Hut ?. It's a fairly descent uphill walk, though not steep or tricky to do. But it's a mountain expedition for a little kid. I presume your husband has done similar overnighters and is fully aware of what conditions are like ?. So long as the child can be kept warm & is able to be carried (or the trip cancelled) if it proves too much, then it's probably do-able. it doesn't need to be an overnighter to get to snow does it ?.
In my opinion (and that of many others) this is THE hut to take children to, as it is so safe but also a fabulous setting. Nearly every time I go past there are children there, enjoying the snow if it is still around. I know the 2 tracks to Bushline hut exceedingly well, do the round trip 2 times every year. Very easy but there is quite a gain in altitude - can be a bit of a puff. If you look at the webcam link (http://www.tasman.govt.nz/tasman/webcams-in-tasman/st-arnaud-webcam/) and click on the lower picture, the hut is actually theoretically visible on the skyline at the top of the first slope up from the lake - the dark area is bush with the hut amongst it. The easiest track up zig zags on the front face is Paddy's and is usually very easy and safe - would only be a problem in very inclement weather. The other track, Pinchgut, comes across the top from the right and can be a bit cold and exposed if there's a southerly blowing.
Thank you everyone. Your comments have put my mind at ease. Yes, my husband is an experienced tramper and has all the appropriate gear , footwear, gps etc.... He has taken our 9 year old out successfully and our4year old is a keen day walker so I am feeling more confident reading your suggestions and looking up the web etc. Thank you. I guess I am completely ignorant about tramping so just wanted to check that preschoolers going on overnight stays was not unheardof!!! This is why I contacted via this professional tramper forum. Cheers.
"professional tramper forum" Enthusiastic and wealth of knowledge yes professional not really. There are a couple of people that combine there tramping with there profession but most of us are just tramping club or other people willing to share our experience. To be professional would imply we want to sell you something.

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Started by Laagsc
On 14 August 2015
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