Splitting up and getting lost

"Should groups split up?. I asked Robin McNeill, President of Federated Mountain Clubs, a national organisation of outdoors groups, and author of “Safety in the Mountains”, published by FMC. His comment: “Stick together, no matter what—it saves time in the long run and prevents bad decisions.” follows; intentional separation, unintentional separation, other options for improving your chances. http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/ninetonoon/audio/201754782/off-the-beaten-track-with-kennedy-warne https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-3ADbmiNBi1Q/VQKfiGQpabI/AAAAAAAABao/99sz6xKx0bU/w1406-h809-no/017_stitch.jpg 'Leaving Lake Angelus on the Mt Cedric Route. Walking into cloud.'
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Early in my army training we were off on a 72 hour no sleep (ok we got 5-6 hours sleep) / no food exercise. Middle of night two, middle of nowhere, we went to do our radio sked. No radio. Who had the radio last? Bob. No Bob. We went back and found him asleep sitting on the side of the track where we'd last stopped for a nav check. Oops. Managed to keep it from the DS (directing staff). We were all self sufficient for shelter and food (which we weren't allowed to eat), so he would have been ok. But it wasn't a good look.
A mate of mine was helping another instructor on a trip with some prisoners in Julia Creek. One of the jailbirds got left a wee bit behind and didn't know where the rest of the group had gone. He spent the night in a sheltered spot and they found him the next morning. Definitely not a good look.
He shoulda made a break for it. :D
They take them out when they've nearly completed their sentences. So they have nothing to gain by doing a runner.
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