NZ hitchhiking, tramping and camping

Hi everyone, I am new here, a 25 year old German who is going to visit NZ (arriving in Auckland on september 17th). I have been to NZ before but could only do day-hikes because of a knee injury. This time, I want to be in nature a lot, and want to be independent. There is nothing specific I need to see and no agenda I have to follow. So I was thinking about hitchhiking and go whereever the person who's taking me goes - and from there see where there are tracks/tramps nearby I could do. I guess I will definetely buy a backcountry hut pass but also take my tent. And I was thinking on informing local DOC offices before I set off for any multi-day tramps. Does this sound doable? And is there some kind of book/guide with an overview of tramps and huts and campsites you could recommend (I sure checked the map on here but as I won't take my laptop with me sth on paper would be handy ;-))? Thanks in advance, Michael
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Hmmm that is strange.. You definately using the url
Ah, I'm not signed up or logged in. That link asked me to authenticate. I just went to and chose "outdoors' as a base layer. No LINZ maps on this resource. Sounds like you have full access to them (even offline?) so that's great.
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Started by micha1234
On 23 April 2015
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