compressed foam for sleeping mat?

My last walk i slept cold, as well as upgrading my sleeping bag (last wilderness mag makes that choice a little less daunting) i will be taking a mat with me. I scored a compressed foam mat about 8mm thick, have searched for an "R" rating on these but alas cannot find one. It is a little like a yoga mat but way way thicker and denser. Will be sleeping in huts this time but after this walk, will be tenting it. Has anyone ever tried these opposed to the pricey neoAir's etc which seem to have a low r rating?
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that klymit looks like the king of pads. Exped are very good but cost an arm and leg which does mean you can buy the short one
Hmm maybe if it cost you two legs.. :)
Wait for the 30% off sale at Bivouac, my Exped was within a few bucks of the Klymit.
My Klymit arrived today! Only ordered it yesterday morning! Unreal! Really looking forward to my next two days off so I can take it out and 'road test' it. And it packs down a bit smaller than I expected, which is a nice bonus.
where did you buy it from?
I was wondering that meself but I think it's here Funky looking design
hey cheers mate, I haven't seen that site before :)
mm a lot to think about, i am a side sleeper and a restless one, and yes the crinklies put me off the neo air too, so let us know how you go with your Klymit. am impressed with the exped sleeping bags, didnt think to look at their mats.
My tramping experience has changed massively since I bought my exped synmat 7.5 from Bivouac. For some reason I can't find that listed, but the sale price was around $120 I think. When you lie on that mat you can feel your heat radiated back at you. I think the downmat is unnecessarily expensive unless you're sleeping on snow (even then I doubt it). The UL model I find has really noisy fabric against a groundsheet or tent floor and not especially robust looking (i.e. wafer thin), so think hard if you're tempted.... I'm a wriggler and a side sleeper. I inflate the mat and then lie on it, then deflate by pushing in the inflate valve until I hit the sweet spot, you'll know it when you try it.
I'm using a Exped Synmat 7 standard which is 3/4 length on my body (tall). It is a bit heavy but super comfortable and warm as well. I also have a NeoAir which I'm using for lightweight trips, but it is not as comfortable as the Exped mat. Only time I use a foam mat now is for extra insulation on snow and ice. Honestly, I hardly ever use any as I'm mostly in huts on my overnight trips.
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On 24 March 2015
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