Hiking Boots for Trail walks & Beginner tramps

Hi, My partner & I do the Manawatu Gorge walk (http://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/tracks-and-walks/manawatu-whanganui/manawatu/manawatu-gorge-track/) Its a track with some gravelled, some dirt. We are also wanting to join Palmerston North's tramping club & do their Easy tramps. At the moment we wear sneakers, but I figure for doing easy tramps we would need better shoes. Is it alright to buy online (Ebay)? I thought online Ill get a wider variety & more bang for my buck, Especially since I'm a US13 4E. Or is it better to buy from a store? Palmerston North has a Kathmandu & a Macpac, or we could head to Wellington if there is a good store down there. Should I be looking for Shoes or Boots? Any brands that are a safe bet? How much should I look to spend on the 1st pair? What other gear should be buy (Rather than rent) for the Easy Tramps
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I absolutely agree with every word you've written there, Wayno. It's the triad of fat soluble vitamins - A, D and K that help keep the calcium in the bones and teeth where it belongs and not in the arterial linings and heart valves.
Smith City clearance sale this weekend. Near half-price on Ridgeline Apache boots & assorted Hi-Tecs (including Rainier eVent) :) http://scottishmountaineer.com/hi-tec-rainier-event/ http://scottishmountaineer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/MTP6436.jpg
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On 14 March 2015
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