Hiking Boots for Trail walks & Beginner tramps

Hi, My partner & I do the Manawatu Gorge walk (http://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/tracks-and-walks/manawatu-whanganui/manawatu/manawatu-gorge-track/) Its a track with some gravelled, some dirt. We are also wanting to join Palmerston North's tramping club & do their Easy tramps. At the moment we wear sneakers, but I figure for doing easy tramps we would need better shoes. Is it alright to buy online (Ebay)? I thought online Ill get a wider variety & more bang for my buck, Especially since I'm a US13 4E. Or is it better to buy from a store? Palmerston North has a Kathmandu & a Macpac, or we could head to Wellington if there is a good store down there. Should I be looking for Shoes or Boots? Any brands that are a safe bet? How much should I look to spend on the 1st pair? What other gear should be buy (Rather than rent) for the Easy Tramps
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@danieldrache. That's a very nice looking backpack. I have a larger Osprey for my multi-days. Just make sure you get it fitted properly, and also there's no need to fill it with 30+ litres of stuff for a normal day hike. People pay a lot of money to shave a few hundred grams off their pack weights. Might want to look at some cheapo hiking poles ?. Takes weight off your knees & helps keep you upright in tricky balance situations or steep climbs. @pipeking Macpac Latitude 150 cost me $149 on sale. Weighs 530g, packs smaller than a loaf of bread. End of day, I have Long Johns, LS merino top & clean sox to change into. How much of that I sleep in depends on how things feel. Hence, bed sox ;). New version cost $230. Line 7 Terrain raincoat is currently around $330. Though I would have bought that on special too. Always use that sleeping bag. Get choosy on taking that coat vs my Thermatec adventure parka.
haha fair enough, I'm sure you could find a cheap tent for less than $330 too (my latest was 250) but at the end of the day I meant relatively! :) I know theres a few guys on here with terra nova tents (dope gear) and I also know what they go for, if you can get them even! Thats a good price for that bag anyway isn't it? I also have to add that I don't know a lot of newbies who would use a 150gsm sleeping bag any more than one season possibly haha most prefer a bit more warmth! And what does that Line7 stuff weigh? looks solid as
With a little hunting on the net for bargains you can find Gortex jackets for under $300. My husband and I have this particular jacket for summer tramping, it's Gortex Paclite which has performed well in a range of conditions and situations. Not robust as Gortex Pro (and not suitable for Fiordland) but it does do a sterling job for what it is. Bivouac still have some for $200…. http://www.bivouac.co.nz/clothing/mens-clothing/mens-jackets/outdoor-research-men-s-foray-waterproof-jacket.html#
@Pipeking. Line 7 Terrain, solid, breathable (yeah, right), in a size that fits. That's why I also have a significant parka as an alternative. Freedom Mono tent currently RRP $230 (Torpedo 7 club price $159) I paid around $150, sale price, at R&R Sport. :) Yah, different people have different approaches. If I'm going to have a spare set of woollen clothing items, then I don't need a heavy bag. Most times it's a matter of stripping down to be comfortable. I also know a guy who has 3x Lat 150's. How many he takes depends on how many bags inside bags he thinks he'll need. Suppose I could do the same with my Plasma Hyperlite ?. Worst part of a nights sleep is having to change from side to side so I don't sleep on my back and snore the hut down. Even double-mattressing doesn't make for a comfortable night. Don't have that problem on the air mattress tho. That's the beauty of forums. You get variety of angles on the same thing.
Yea I use a down jacket with my 150 for cold nights, usually fringe season stuff in tent and prefer to just use a different bag altogether for winter. haha 3 bags together classic Yea back to boots I always look for sales, the local shops in QT are always flicking old stock most boots I buy for tramping are under 250 some of this prices above are nuts! I got my La Sportivas for 199 :) Most guys I know who spend big bucks on boots are buying them online (not sure of the shops but they are in the UK) and they either try them on in the shop here to fit them right or they know the size they want. Not many people buy boots from the retail shops anymore that I know of. I am talking about mountaineering stuff btw not tramping but same applies unless you just want the ease of going into a shop and shelling out.
'Lastrite' operate out of Whangarei. They hand-make boots. Give them your measurements & size 13-15 Trampers will cost you $275. http://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/assets.onlinedesigns.co.nz/lastrite.co.nz/medium/1372389482-Tramper-16.jpg Can't vouch for the product, sorry. http://lastrite.co.nz/sizing
I popped into Rebel Sport & picked up some HiTech Manaro Boots & a walking stick http://www.hi-tec.com/nz/products/hiking/4378-22669/moreno/ Thanks again for everyones help
For a raincoat, don't look past the Marmot Precip. It's generally on special for about $180 at Torpedo 7.
@garth http://www.blacks.co.uk/mens/105755-marmot-mens-precip-jacket-black.html/515574/&cm_mmc=googleshop-_-shopping-_-feed-_-all?mkwid=kcINZIt6_dc&pcrid=50677206742&gclid=CKzi5ofdt8QCFTDHtAodwhAAhA Same jacket from Blacks is only £40/$80 and is £10/$20 delivery to NZ. £50/$100 total.... worth checking if you know your size. Bargain price!
do the rounds of the shops, make sure you look at the details of the gear you look at online, go to wellington if you can. dont believe anything shop attendants tell you in kathmandu or torpedo 7. bivouac and macpac staff are more likely to know what they are talking about dont buy anything first trip unless you're pretty sure about what you're buying. wait for sales.. the retail prices are all hyper inflated and the sale price is the real retail price... theres an outlet shop for kathmandu in otaki from memory, i'd avoid their own branded boots but their clothes are ok but there is better designed stuff out there, but they do use quality materials avoid kmandu packs, macpac make very good packs, so do osprey
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On 14 March 2015
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