Hiking Boots for Trail walks & Beginner tramps

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Hi, My partner & I do the Manawatu Gorge walk (http://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/tracks-and-walks/manawatu-whanganui/manawatu/manawatu-gorge-track/) Its a track with some gravelled, some dirt. We are also wanting to join Palmerston North's tramping club & do their Easy tramps. At the moment we wear sneakers, but I figure for doing easy tramps we would need better shoes. Is it alright to buy online (Ebay)? I thought online Ill get a wider variety & more bang for my buck, Especially since I'm a US13 4E. Or is it better to buy from a store? Palmerston North has a Kathmandu & a Macpac, or we could head to Wellington if there is a good store down there. Should I be looking for Shoes or Boots? Any brands that are a safe bet? How much should I look to spend on the 1st pair? What other gear should be buy (Rather than rent) for the Easy Tramps
Talk with your club !. They should be keen to set you right ?. For day hikes, you'll probably want a 25L pack, a shower-proof parka & a water bottle. Bladders are better, cos you can sip as you go. Room for your snacks & lunch. Enough of a First aid kit to sort any immediate worries. Club should have a minimum pack contents list ?. Boots will serve you better than shoes. unless you intend to be ultra-light or a trail runner ?. Beginners boots has a thread here if you search it. Can't go too far wrong with Hi-techs from Rebel Sport (on special) IMHO.
My Partner & I are both solid people, so no trail running. & Ultralight seems to be a bit more advanced than what we will be
Don't buy online overseas unless you're very familiar with a particular brand and can be confident that sizing will be correct - a couple of hours in boots that don't fit can put you off tramping for life :-) A proper boot fitting instore (or with someone from your club) is the best way to avoid problems - Bivouac down in Wgtn is probably your best bet. Macpac can vary depending on who you get, and Kathmandu advice is generally woeful. I 2nd pro-active's tip re Hi-Tech - they're a cheap boot but they don't pretend to be anything else and in my experience they're very well put together. Fine for shorter walks on graded trails with light loads.
For starters hi teks are quite good but another thought is hunt sales Is there a FCO up your way they are closing down and everything is reduced. Not everything is a bargin there though. The E at the end of your boot size will kill any online sales. Dont ask how I know this Packs for easy day walks most bags are ok although you will want to upgrade at some point. If its comfortable with a load in its ok. Warehouse will do for a day pack. Stuff it with clothing from the clothing isle to test it but remember to put it all back. Warehouse is fine for starter clothing as well. Remember No Cotton and you will be fine. Some of there thermal gear is viscose which I would avoid but merrino and polyprop from there is good. The expensive ones from outdoors shops feel nicer but dont work any better Only get woollen socks. Active intent shorts and t shirt And a fleece top will see you right on clothing. Coats you should spend some money on No easy way out of this. The blue pvc on nylon coats the Warehouse sells are 100% waterproof. They are 100% everything proof and you will sweat terribly In fleece this will soak you just as much as the rain. Safety shops sell a tornado brand coat that is just as good as proper tramping coats although a little heavy and the hi vis colours can be a bit bright. Gortex is king but starting at $400 probably means you dont want one straight away
"Coats you should spend some money on No easy way out of this" woah, really? My currant hiking jacket cost me 30euro! its like 200grams its not goretex but thats only necessary if your living in your jacket. Too many people overkill this one super simple piece of equipment IMHO but hey whatever there are way more options out there now if you look, um online
Click on the OP's link to get to a VDO clip of The Gorge Walk (Manawatu) to see the standard we're talking about here ?. Again, I'd go with a Rebel Sport Rainbow brand parka for a day hike. If the weather forecast is seriously wet, then you need better. @Pipeking knows what he's doing and found what he wanted internationally. Personally, I side with Geeves. My serious rain coat came from Wrightsons/PGG. Farmware is quite practical, comes in sizes up to 6XL (Kathmandu clothing is too small for me), and can be bought on special. PVC coats are sweat suits unless you modify them. If shopping locally, and trying on before you buy is a big plus, then a good raincoat could well be the dearest thing in your kit ?.
wow pro-active you must have a cheap sleeping bag..
I don't plan on hiking in bad weather, & only for 1/2 day hike, maybe a whole day hike in a few months I'll check out Rebel Sport tomorrow for Boots & possibly an inexpensive raincoat I checked out FCO but they didn't have any boots in US14. I checked out Bivouac Outdoor, They didn't have any size 14s, But I did pick up an Osprey Stratos 34 Day Pack (http://www.ospreypacks.com/en/product/mens/stratos_34_1_1 , whistle, small 1st aid kit & Emergency blanket. Lastly I checked out Hunting & Fishing they had a heavy Hiking boot for $700 in my size & the guy thinks he may be able to order in a $400 Lowa Light Hiking Boot
14 I missed that. My son has the same problem. Only place he can buy shoes off the shelf is the New Ballence outlet store in Dressmart Tawa. These are still cross trainers not tramping boots though. Your comment on half day hikes though could allow x trainers tho What sort of tracks are you expecting? Graveled paths like Manawatu gorge x trainers are perfectly ok You can upgrade later "Too many people overkill this one super simple piece of equipment IMHO but hey whatever there are way more options out there now if you look, um online" On 1 day and half day hikes where you have the option of not going that is true. Even the $2shop disposables will keep the rain off and keep you alive. Thats why I mentioned the Warehouse blue nylon/pvc parka. I used one for several years and its a third the cost of your jacket but would fail the 200g test even though it packs down to the same size. As for buying on line. Thats perfectly ok when you know the brands etc and know the seller is reputable understands nz sizing etc but it can be too easy to get something that isnt as stated. What comes here as a M could easily be an xl in other countries even in the same brand. Things like boots as well Id never buy a pair I didnt try on myself first which pretty much prevents me buying on line.
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