Whitehorn Pass

Last Jan at Carrington Hut I passed a party of 3 who were on their way to Whitehorn Pass and claimed it could be fairly easily negotiated minus crampons by scrambling on rocks up the true right (heading East-West), which they planned to do. Anyone have any knowledge of this?
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Yarmoss, that would be right Xmasy of you and highly appreciated! I'm looking to be up there about 3 weeks after you. Feel free to call or txt 0226306364
@Craigo Sorry man, looks like the weather has transpired against me. I won't be heading to Arthur's Pass this week. Good luck for your trip in Jan.
i think xmas and new years need to be shifted back a month. to capitalise on the better weather... the weather just isnt the same anymore ....
Cheers guys. Let you know how I get on.
Im optimistically planning on doing the 3 passes from the CHCH side in December this year - have been thwarted twice in the past by xmas weather. Does anyone have any recent intel on the state of the snow/ice at Whitehorn pass? Im guessing that since 2014 it has eroded more than a bit - a lot of recent hot weather in canterbury recently too. Im taking a walking pole for everyday use, but also intend packing a long walking light axe for when I need it (would rather avoid having to take crampons also). PLUS - DOC are advising that the Styx track is "closed" due to recent slips/washouts. Wondering also if anyone has any info on that. Perhaps the slips are fairly major if DOC take the substantial step of closing this track?
Si, cannot comment on Whitehorn Pass but the Styx slips from what I hear are fairly major but can be passed if Styx river is low enough to allow wading down it. Check the Permolat Facebook page. The better alternative is to walk out via the Arahura. I myself was planning on doing three passes departing Saturday but the weather seems to have transpired against me, darn it. In the last few days the rain has been falling as snow around 1500-1800m, don't imagine it will be sticking around long though.
Thanks heaps supersnipe - the permolat FB page does have info on the styx valley exit, like you say. If the weather does holdout for me - I may see you in there!
Also the remote huts website has up to date info on the condition of the Styx.
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Started by Craigo.
On 14 December 2014
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