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Planning to tramp Feb 2015 and seek an update from the various routes possible which is in the best condition.
Kakapotahi, Dickie Ridge, Tuke River and a night at Top Tuke Hut then over the tops to Ivory Lake Hut is a relatively quick & easy way to get there these days. Have you checked out the permolat notes?
Cheers. From the permolat notes a number of routes are suggested. Had a crack at the Tuke route a few years back but bailed witha bout of blood poisoning. Sounds like it might be still the way to go. How recent is your information?
I was last at Ivory Lake in April 2012 but have been on some of the approaches more recently. Went in via the Tuke & Mt Beaumont in 2012. (You don't have to go up on to Beaumont but can climb up from the head of the Tuke to the ridgeline that saddles with the TL branch Price River. This is quicker but in 2012 I wanted to climb Beaumont again for old times sakes)
the remote huts info (and Glenn's info) is as recent and accurate as it gets
Cheers Glenn. I'll go back and check the notes and map with your suggestion(s).
Hey Folks, Take 3 on this trip. Still considering up Dickie Spur / Tuke and out Steadman Brow / Whitcombe. Though just heard the Waitaha has been 'reopened' think we'll give it a miss. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with recent experience and ideas for getting transport dropped off in and out of road ends. Dusty Boot
This was recently discussed on the permolat email list and I expect Andrew has updated the entry on the Remote Huts website. I had a look at it the other day and was embarassed to see that Frank and I had got the credit for track work on the Kelly Tops/Hunt Saddle route when it was a combined effort from 2 others as well though our work is the most recent. Still unfinished business though. A lot of scrub up there on the upper section of the route.
Thanks Honora. I got the new re-opening of the valley from Andrew via the Permolat pages. Still, plan is to head up the Whitcombe and out the Tuke. I think it was asked before if there was a route off the Whitcombe and direct to the Cropp Brow instead of venturing up to it via Prices Flat Hut. As the crow flies this way looks to save some time but I don't wish to underestimate the terrain but the locals (deer) might agree.
Sucessfully made ivory lake. Turned out to be a busy night sharing the hut with another party. We got in via stead man brow and exited via Tuke. Lots of new slips up the whitcombe. Typical west coast going. Wonderful scenery. Interesting statistic learnt - the cropp basin supposedly is NZ most remote hut and its valley receives NZ highest recorded annual rain fall. Will be back to explore this area further.
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