Rental cars + tourist drivers

The police seem to be cracking down more and more on tourist drivers that don't know the road rules. Every couple of weeks there's something in the Herald about it. We just rented a campervan in the South Island (we live in Auckland) and the company suggested we take a quick look at this road code quiz before we picked up the car, and when we got there we got a printed booklet from NZTA called What's Different About Driving in NZ, and also a card with basic rules on, so it looks like it's being taken seriously by the rental car companies. It didn't stop us seeing some fairly interesting examples of driving, though - tourists obviously confused about driving on the left with their left wheels nearly in the ditch, dithering at intersections and not paying attention (scenery is obviously too attractive for the driver to resist looking at). We saw a rental vehicle that had been pulled over by the cops.
Frankly, I'm more worried about the locals that don't know how to drive. There are more of them...
I came across this recently... driving there, cobber.
Enjoyed the video with its lovely music. A bit surprised at the bare hands for the bum-slide and even some people would thumb their noses at wearing crampons for this although I do it myself if the snow's smooth. Having just climbed up it, they'd know its consistency...
I thought the same - was up Ruapehu a few weeks ago with a guy who attempted a glove free slide. Made a mess of his hands and probably won't be doing that again.
Never mind gloves, glissading in crampons = pecker woods

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Forum Visiting New Zealand
Started by katietommo
On 13 October 2014
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