First trip to New Zealand!! :D

Hey all! Greetings from the US :). I just found this awesome website a few days ago, so I apologize if I make any forum mistakes. Me: 27-year old Male, Project Engineer, Nashville, TN Dates in NZ: mid-October thru - end December? Sooooo....this is my first trip out of the United States! I'm super excited about my trip and can't wait to meet all the great people from around the world. I am going to be arriving in Auckland in mid-to-late October and will be tramping my way down to the southern tip of the South Island, and back. I'm going by myself, so I am looking for other trampers that will be in NZ during this time. If you are going to be in NZ and would want to tramp together for a few hours/days/weeks, that would be awesome! If you have any advice for a first-time traveler, that would be great too :). Regardless, its nice to find a site like this and see so many people who are willing to share their ideas. Thanks in advance for replying! Chris
Hi Chris, When you are in the top of the south check out what the Nelson Tramping club have planned, something may fit in with your plans Andrea
Hi Chris, Soon-to-be 30. Marketing Manager, Business Analyst, Entrapreneur here. Pleased to meet you. I'll be around the traps from mid-November to early-December. I will mostly be around Nelson Lakes and Arthur's Pass NPs. Always keen to meet fellow trampers. Tips? Don't under-estimate streams and rivers. They can kill you. Conversely, don't dilly-dally when it comes to fording. I have seen nasty mistakes made by people trying to cross streams not wanting to get wet. "If I just hop onto that rock there..." and they've ended up a lot wetter and closer to injury than if they had of just forded boots and all. On that, your boots will get wet. Accept it as part of the fun. Cheers, Paul
Hi Chris Go into DOC and buy an annual hut pass. This will give you access to hundreds of huts, some basic but others well appointed. (See elsewhere on this web site or visit DOC's.) Always assume the weather may pack in and take adequate clothing. Don't expect to meet swarms of people on the tracks, sometimes you will meet no one. And to re-enforce what pjg084 said - keep your boots on when river crossing, you will soon get used to having wet feet!
+1 on the wet feet. Have seen plenty of overseas trampers (primarily Germans for some reason) try to rock hop and end up getting wet feet anyway. Easier to just plunge in and not risk the sprained ankle IMO. I always carry a set of wet (walking) clothes and a dry set for huts, lets me splash around as much as I want. Respect the rivers though, they can be really nasty. If in doubt, wait it out or walk back the way you came. Another tip, always pack for wet weather regardless of forecast - good jacket, overtrou (if you wear them), NO COTTON. NZ forecasts can change overnight and I've seen too many visitors caught out without proper wet weather gear. I spent an hour and a half in a mountain shelter on the Kepler with a girl who had dressed poorly and gotten caught out by cold winds and rain above the snow line - she was near hypothermic and took a long time to warm up with hot drinks, my group's spare clothing, and a lot of huddling together to share warmth. I'm in the Canterbury area and keen to get out, work permitting. Particularly keen to do Harper Pass, so if you end up planning on doing that trip and want some company, give me a yell.
Chris I will be in NZ in January, starting from 5.01 ending 24.01 If you will still be there, lets reconnect. However your email is deleted from communication. Email me at AN as andrey, then Tikhov then (a) mail dot ru Like first two letters of my name, then my surname, then a then mail dot ru. P.S. wasn't able to found PM option on the forum :(

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Started by ChristheEngineer
On 18 September 2014
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