Perfect independent tracks in April

Dear friends! I am coming to NZ for the first time from Russia to tramp in the Southern island in April. Unfortunately my reseacrch time is very limited and the country offers endless opportunities. Could you please advise me some good tramps with mountain/sea scenery, but without cover charges and crowds. I have experience in trekking, can be self sufficient for days and do harder walks, but no technical climbs. Thank you! Misha.
Hey there. I can't suggest any tramps that you will be able to see the sea but I know of a few that have great mountain scenery. There is the Rees/Dart which is a 67km walk. The biggest climb is over the Rees saddle which is only something like 1,400 metres above sea level. Can be done in 4 days but I suggest to do it in 5 so you can take a day walk to see the Dart Glacier. When I was on my way to the glacies I stopped with my group (Ashburton M.O.R. ventures) and watch an avelanch. Then there is the Cass/Lagoon saddle which is around 33km and has two very easy saddle crossings. Others suggest to take 3 days but there is only 1 hut (hamilton hut) which is fairly modern. My group and I easily did this walk in 2 days. And then there is the St. James walkway up by Hanmer Springs. That is about 67km. We did this in 3 days and found it very hard but thats because that was my very first tramp.(even harder because I just move here from Nebraska USA which is very flat and does not have any walks at all. Hope you have fun here in NZ!

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Started by perfil
On 21 March 2007
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