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We're coming for about 4 months of summer tramping, and I've got some kea questions: 1) If we're taking a day hike from "base camp", do I need to strike the tent completely in order to avoid daytime invasion & destruction? Or just flatten the tent? Or is this not a problem at all? 2) We'll be taking a lot of day hikes from the main trail to see this or that feature...if we leave our packs (or maybe a black plastic garbage bag filled with stuff) by the side of the trail for an hour or two, will the keas find them & rip 'em to shreds? Thanks for any advice...
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In the middle of the wilderness 10 come to visit us and were sitting in the tree above our camp ready to come get us!
Here's a new kea hazzard, or a new level of Kea ingenuity. I wonder if the poms have a border alert for illegal kea immigrants
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Started by trtlrock
On 24 April 2009
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