Sandfly questions

We're coming for about 4 months of summer tramping, and I've done enough research to have pretty realistic expectations regarding sandflies. I'm left with a few specific sandfly questions though: 1) in late-spring & summer, do they go away at dusk? Sooner? Later? Never!? And come out again at daylight? 2) Sounds like they really can't bite you [very often] through loose-fitting nylon/polyester hiking clothes...true? 3) Is tucking your pant cuffs into your socks useful, i.e. do they like to crawl up into your clothing? Thanks for any advice...
Sandflys will annoy you. We have had this discussion before. See
Do see the above link, there is heaps about insect repellents. Yes once it is quite dark you are okay - mosquitoes may come out then though :-) Sandflies are back pretty much at the first sign of light in the morning. Loose fitting clothes and tucking n your socks (looks REALLY cool haha) are good protection, though they don't crawl inside so much, more if there is a bit of a gap
last christmas we were in the middle of the wilderness in a river valley and the sandflies were getting though my polyprop(Worst sandflys ever.) Repel brand of insect repelant(use 30 up wards deet of their range) plus with added cover of gloves tights etc We recomend sorta hair net things that keep the sandfys out but then you have a problem eating or drinking! (cover your whole face etc. We wait till dark before getting in tent so they are not in there as well! Then up before light to dogde them... I rather like camping above the bushline since very few up there!!! Normally appear when its cloudy so if possible say in the sun! (not possible in Fiordland most days!) Their bite after only get bigger if you itch it. My uncle once used marmite on his skin, it sorta worked he reakoned.
thanks for the tips everyone...

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On 24 April 2009
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