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Yep. I don't think the tramping gear and similar is necessarily much better, but I guess I'm more familiar with manufacturers all trying to sell me stuff by flashing their own proprietary buzz-words which refer to some type of technology which is so awesome in its functionality that nobody's allowed to know how it works or what the test results were. With ski goggles it felt more like the seller displays were making the most important selection criteria a choice between fluorescent pink zig-zags on the side or bright yellow speed stripes. Maybe they're more honest, if anything. :) I'm not saying you can't enjoy it heaps on a budget, but there's a massive market of buyers there which probably dwarfs the traditional outdoor market, and just wants stuff that's "good enough" but which looks awesome. I'll just keep walking through the skifields with crampons and ice-axe for now. :P
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On our first walk in the Yorkshire Dales my partner wore shorts and single colour, blue, polyprops. Never again! The looks and comments were toooooo much! Have now got used to wearing those quick dry, synthetic trousers when in Britain, which are not as bad as I had thought they would be.
You could have a point. Might be a general pommy anti-short thing. I did get strange looks getting off the plane in Birmingham a few years ago in stubbies and a swazi top. Mind you it was January (mid-winter).
yea well what do you expect, the english are soft thats why
Could have something to do with glow in the dark legs. Jealous of tanned antipodean legs. I jest.
I literally feel like a tramp sometimes, Im wearing my polypros and shorts, while everyone else are wearing branded jackets, shirts and pants. Hey, Im no bum, i just find this gear comfortable. I was in Nina hut once with a group of Dutch or German tourists dressed up in all of the expensive gears. An older kiwi couple turned up and knew I was the Kiwi in the group immediately: they were dressed the same as me.
I do like NZ's laid back & practical attitude to dress. It's the only place in the world I can think of that you can walk off the hill in stubbies + hi-viz + optional polyprops, scratched like you've been assaulted by a pack of tigers, covered in bloody & brains & god knows what else, and still get served at a bar without so much as a 2nd look.
Ain't that the truth! Just don't go into the Sheffield Pie shop without liberally spraying yourself with deodorant. Somehow the wafting pie aromas don't quite mask a 3 day tramp :)
stubbies. thermals and bushshirts are almost the only clothes i have. I have a pair of jeans for formal occasions but even then I still wear leather tramping boots. polished ofcourse. if anyone sees me in anything other than stubbies theyre shocked hahaha. Its what feels comfortable for me.
Ha. Had a mate who did that. He got given a new pair of quality tramping boots by work, but still turned up in worn-out red-bands. 'They're my going out boots', was his response when I asked what happened to the new ones.
I love this country.
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