Do sherpas (or similar) exist in New Zealand?

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I am planning to do the Milford and / or Routeburn track in Nov or Dec 2014 with hubby and my 2 boys that don't stop eating (13 and 11 yrs old). Thankfully, tents, stoves and mattress are not required as the boys aren't strong enough to carry very much. Does anyone know of a tramping group or commercial enterprise that will help carry your packs, do food drop-offs or assist with bearing the load???? Docs have not been able to help. Thanks
Hi Not sure if they go that time of year, but try looking up otago rotary youth tramps. They have a full programme and tramps are supported. New programme should be out in the next month or so.
no sherpas in nz. just guided walks. what you want is ultimatehikes guided walks they have hotels on the milford and routeburn. you just carry clothes and lunch. this is a modern western nation. don't expect nepalese prices...
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Yup, Ultimate hikes is what you want if your not into carrying all your own stuff. Prepare to pay between $1000-3000 per person depending on accommodation options and ages.
Hi @leoandianr. With Ultimate Hikes you're really paying a premium for a luxury experience, so if it doesn't work out for the Milford/Routeburn, there may be other options if you're prepared to go elsewhere. eg. On the Abel Tasman Coast Track (another Great Walk), you can often pay the water taxi companies to transport most of your stuff between huts during the time that you walk the track with a daypack. eg. -- substantially cheaper than a guided walk further south, too. Abel Tasman is a different experience from the region you mentioned, though.
theres plenty of time to get your kids fit to carry their own gear... its normal in NZ kids that age and younger to carry their own gear..
If you are not set on Routeburn/Milford, a good alternative is the Banks Peninsula Track which starts and finishes in Akaroa in the South Island. You can walk it in 2 or 4 days, and I think both options have pack cartage. The accommodation is good and lot of effort has been put into it. I think the walk is about $220 for 4 days, plus about $80 for pack cartage. You can also buy food (and wine) en route.
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Queen Charlotte Track is another one where operators will offer pack cartage. But have you worked out the numbers? I would estimate about 1kg food per person per day, plus clothes, a lightweight cooking pot, some plastic plates, sporks, cups, a first aid kit. Doesn't really add up to much huh? Your boys should be able to manage with day packs with their clothes and their lunches, I'd think. On clothes, it's important to remember you are packing for survival (both Milford and Routeburn enter alpine areas), not for a clean pair of shorts every day. The key is to have layers, including several thin thermal layers, merino wool hat, and a proper waterproof jacket. Some people take different clothes for the huts, but that's optional. On food, the key basically is don't carry wet food as it's heavy. For a couple nights you don't need to stress out about balance, protein, etc. You can test out food ideas before you leave home and look for ideas online.
queen charlotte track has fully catered accommodation...
While I probably take more than my fair share of the common items, my 10 year-old boy has been carrying his own gear for the past year. His younger brother is next up. You may say, "that's you and not me" but consider how much more meaningful and memorable the experience will be if the boys carry their own loads.
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