tramping partners in June and early July

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I am looking for some tramping partners for June and early July for weekend trips or longer trips during the week. I have done a lot of tramping in the US but this will be my first time to NZ. Mt Whitney the highest peak in the continental united states was the last big one I did. It was a great challenge but fun. I am excited to travel in NZ and am flexible on where I go. If you are interested or have recommendations on good tracks for that time of the year please let me know. Thanks, Shalom
you can find tramping clubs around the country here
Hi Shalom Yes id be interested in joining you for a trip it will be winter in NZ what areas will you be visiting?
I plan on doing the Tongariro crossing tramp. I also will be near Graymouth, Tauranga, and Gore and will be looking at ones in those areas. Starting with the Northern Island and moving South after that.
I am also looking into St James Walkway
I have crampons and ice axe but no snowshoes so I will be looking into tramps that I can do with just crampons.
Snow shoes dont see a lot of use in NZ Most of our snow is quite icy and often on steep slopes which favours crampons
Gore? Well you best bring your banjo too heh heh
gore, go and have a look at the kepler track, greymouth, have a look at the paparoas.. or welcome flat if you go further south. tauranga, depends on what transport you have. theres lots of tracks in the hills around the bay of plenty. be careful of the northern ureweras. not always a good place to leave a car or for a lady to be alone. sometimes the locals can get intimidating towards outsiders
Hi Shalom, On the link provided by waynowski there are details for the West Coast Alpine Club which is based in Greymouth. I'm not a member but know some of them. They are a friendly bunch and some members are quite active. It may be worth you making contact with them. If you have no joy elsewhere in finding tramping partners for when in the Greymouth area I may be able to take you on a day trip or overnighter somewhere. I live about half an hour south of Greymouth at Hokitika and have a good knowledge of West Coast tramping. Glenn

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Forum Tramping partners
Started by shalom
On 23 April 2014
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