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Hi guys, Me and my fiancé are coming to New Zealand in September of this year. We wanted to do a walk while we were there. Something grand, with a big view , something with altitude. Something no longer than three days. Considering the time of year and the weather just wondered if anyone could give some suggestions? Thanks in advance.
What part of NZ will you be staying in? Something in Tongarero or Queenstown should fit the bill
depends what the weather does really at that time of year.. that will determine what is doable and what isnt...
yea, queenstown region will be winter conditions in september you realise. May not get your grand, big views unless perhaps you can climb or maybe head up remarks :)
remarks = the remarkable range
Near Queenstown In September I'd suggest the Greenstone-Caples circuit. Mostly low altitude in the valleys you'll hit snow on McKellar Saddle but I think it doesn't go through any avalanche routes and if the weather cooperates the views are quite nice. It's officially 4 days but 2 of the huts are stupidly located only 2 hours walk from the road end. If you start at the Greenstone car park McKellar hut is only about 8 hours away by either direction saving a day.
"but I think it doesn't go through any avalanche routes" Have you walked this track in spring before? I have, and seen some impressive debris fans too. It pays to always check the snow conditions before heading out, you should be sweet on this track though as yarmoss says its relatively low all the way and practically a great walk by track standards
"Have you walked this track in spring before?" Yup. October 2007 so my memory is a little hazy. Track over McKellar saddle has been realigned since then and is much easier by all accounts.
they took a digger and explosives to the mckellar saddle track, its now a footpath...
"so my memory is a little hazy." possibly is... Ok well sorry to be a party pooper but you guys need to realise that its not the passes and saddles where there the danger exists in spring, but rather in the valleys. Greenstone valley has a ATES (avalanche terrain exposure scale) of 2-Challenging, "The lower Greenstone Track before Greenstone Hut (there are avalanche paths across this section of track which are unable to be avoided. Do not stop when passing side valleys or under steep terrain)."- copied from DOC website. Please do your homework before setting out, check your ATES and also BAA (current conditions)
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