Partner wanted

Hi all, Looking for someone to go for a few walks with. 26yo male, some experience but just getting back into it. Keen to do some overnight trips to break in my new boots (Grisport - should have read the reviews here first!) initially. My goal for this year is to do a proper trip such as Harper Pass later in the year along with a few more multi-day trips. I have sport on the weekends but can take leave from work pretty easily, so if anyone else wants to do a weekday trip let me know! Cheers, Tom
You might want to tell people what town you live in so they know where they have to book a plane flight to. to do a walk with you....
Derp! I live just north of ChCh, about 30min drive away.
I live in Oxford, 35yo male, married with 3 kids...always happy to meet local tramping folk. Harper Pass is on my to-do list...was trying to find a way to squeeze it in this winter.
Harley J - I would be up for Harper Pass mate!!
Doesn't look I can do Harper Pass this winter, I just don't have the leave or time off work and sport. I have a friend in the same boat and we both think it'll be a nice summer tramp though, so that's still on my list for this year.

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Forum Tramping partners
Started by Mosley59
On 6 April 2014
Replies 5
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