Tramping partner on Rees Dart track

Hello, I am planning to do the Rees Dart track next February and would like to hike together with a partner. I am an experienced tramper and will have no problem with this trek. I plan to spend 4/5 days, starting from Rees valley and coming back through Dart valley with an optional return journey to Cascade Saddle, depending on the weather. Here is the plan: Feb 17: Queenstown and preparation (food, locking stuff, ...) + transfer to Muddy Creek by bus + hiking to Shelter Rock hut Feb 18: Trek to Dart hut Feb 19: Return journey to Cascade Saddle and/or Dart glacier. Night at Dart hut or Daleys Flat hut time/weather permitted Feb 20/21: Trek to Daleys Flat hut/or Chinamans Bluff (Dart valley) + transfer to Queentown by bus. I am an easygoing person and like outdoors as well as tramping carefully. I like taking pictures and enjoy nature. May be see you there ! Laurent
no shortage of people on the track then...
... but just a way to keep together with the same program since I do not plan to pass the cascade saddle but rather come back to the Dart river. It seems there are not a lot of beds in the huts. Are they full during summer ?
read the forum threads, the dart river track is closed below daleys flat if its this year you're doing it
Laurent: now that it's (the Dart) re-opened, give it a go? I'm aiming for this Thurs/Fri/Satur/Sunday, 10-13 April. Call me 021-152-4432, or email [Email address removed] if you'd like to try! See my profile for more about me. This seems a good tramp to have a partner for, although I'll probably give it a try alone if I must! DrNick

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Forum Tramping partners
Started by lsiou38
On 7 January 2014
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