Regular tramping partner in Waitakere

Hi, I've recently found a love of walking / tramping and would love a regular partner to go with on various short to mid-length (1 - 4 hours) tramps in the Waitakere Ranges and possibly greater Auckland. I'm a mum of four (but not walking with the kids ;) ) and have a wide flexibility of times I'm available to go, would prefer both weekdays and weekends though (via same partner or different). Currently I'm on the poor end of fitness, but it's improving every day - part of my reason for getting into tramping! Female partner(s) would be preferred, but men will be considered if interested. Strictly for company and friendship though - I'm happily married!
If you are keen to do some off-track walking in the Waitakeres you could consider joining the "Ark in the Park". The Ark is a conservation project in the Waitakeres in which rats and stoats are controlled by intensive baiting and trapping. This has resulted in the sucessful release of Kokako and Popokatea back to the Waitakeres. Each weekend volunteers are involved in rat baiting/stoat trapping and maintaining the bait lines. There are lines for all levels of fitness and you will get to see parts of the Waitakeres most people never get to. We generally pair people up so you get to learn the ropes and meet some interesting people. Volunteer sessions are most Saturdays and Thursdays. We have pretty much finished up for the year now but it starts up again early January. Come along if you are keen. Jono.
Hi KiwiWonder, I'm female and based in Auckland and likewise, just discovered a love for walking and would like to checkout the western walks.
Hi K.W & Paced - I get out and do tracks around the country as often as I can with a couple of mates, and make do with local ones when I can't get away. Prefer out of the bush than in it, but always keen to meet other women who are keen to get out there and do it. I'm in the north west, so most tracks I do are in that area. Not sure if there's a way to send a personal message - I know there used to be but can't figure it out right now, but if you can - would love to hear from you.
Hi - I'd be interested in doing some tramping in the Waitakere Ranges as well. Female, mid-30s. I live Central West and am able to do most weekends.
If any of the three of you still out there - 0210 431789.
Living in Te Atatu area. Here in the states for about 3 months total. Looking to get out into the bush. I'm an Ultra Trailrunner, but I don't mind just hiking. Daytrips or backpacking.

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Forum Tramping partners
Started by KiwiWonder
On 8 December 2013
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