What is best option to buy a dry bag?

Hello everyone! My name is Sheela and I got into NZ Tramper Forums to find out which is the best option to buy a waterproof bag so I could go for some outdoor activities, the bag needs to be capable of keeping my personal belongings dry! Could you guys help me out on this search? I need a bag pack that I could adapt to my bicycle, the size should be medium, and about the price???? Well...., you know, the cheaper the better! Don't forget to keep in mind quality, sometimes the cheapest option makes you purchase twice! Ok, Thanks to all for any possible help!
Are you looking for a backpack or a pack liner? If you're looking for a back pack, I'd recommend adding a waterproof liner anyway. What sort of things are you planning to do?
Pretty much standard fare in NZ is a pack liner. This can be a dry bag of your favourite brand at 30 or 40 bucks from most outdoors shops or is can be a very heavy duty plastic bag for about 6 bucks from the same place sold as a pack liner. You just fold the top down. I have both but have only used the dry bag in a river trip that included a few long swims. The plastic bag keeps rain out fine. Then you can just use your existing bag or buy one that suits your size and comfort requirements of whatever brand
I use a heavy duty plastic MSC pack liner, costs less than $15, and works fine. You can buy them (or versions of them) at every outdoor shop, they weigh about 300gm. (NB: if you go to an outdoor shop and they DONT sell them (ahem.....Kathmandu.....) go elsewhere as they dont know what they're doing). Dont go spending lots of $ on a PU/Sil-Nylon one unless you are a weight freak, because its not worth it. I replace my pack liner bag each season as they get a bit of wear and tear.
"NB: if you go to an outdoor shop and they DONT sell them (ahem.....Kathmandu.....) go elsewhere as they dont know what they're doing" Kathmandu sells them according to its website, at least: http://www.kathmandu.co.nz/pack-liner-kathmandu.html I'd not be surprised if some of its retail staff don't actually know what they are, or that Kathmandu sells them. $1.40 discount if you join the Summit Club for $10!

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Started by sheelah
On 25 November 2013
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