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Hello I am new to tramping. I am based in CHCH and would like to start looking around. Can someone suggest starting tracks within the South Island that are easy (length and grade) Wouldn't mind an overnight trip but I scare easily! many thanks M
2 google searches that might also help
Have you had a look at these overnighters: Lake Daniells (Lewis Pass) Hawdon Hut (on the way to Arthurs Pass) - not if rivers are up / recent rain Mt Somers hut (near Methven) In to Cannibal Gorge Hut or Boyle Flats hut on the St James Pinchgut hut (from Taffes Glen Rd end, I think this is only about an hours drive from Chch) They were some of the trips I started out with. A bit further afield the Abel Tasman and the Queen Charlotte are also good easy tracks. Joining a club is always a good idea, or find some friends to go with. and make sure you are up with what gear you need.
Benmore Hut in 13 Mile Bush. Packhorse Hut - up from either Kaituna, Orton Bradley or Gebbies Pass. Bealey Spur Hut when it's open again. Currently undergoing some renovation, I believe. On the West Coast, there's the fabulously cosy Mt Brown Hut. Best to go there mid-week as it's very popular.
As far as day walks, the foothills are great: Mount Grey, Mount Thomas, Mount Oxford, Mount Richardson, Foggy Peak, Little Mount Peel and so forth. They get your fitness up too. Carroll Hut on the Kelly Range is a gentle introduction to the tops (you get a hut!). Not at this time of year though. Pinchgut Hut via the Okuku River is a tame trip. It would be a good winter trip but the hut gets very full. I'd also suggest Bob's Camp Biv. That's very nearby, but surprisingly few people around. I believe the track is better marked than it used to be but it might be good to check that. Nina Hut in Lewis Pass it probably one of the mildest overnight trips around, along with Lake Daniells. Cass / Lagoon Saddle is a good trip when you want something a bit longer, 2-3 days. You need to take a bike and drop it at one end, but that's straightforward. One thing to bear in mind if you visit small huts is you should probably pack a tent.
Craigieburn Forest Park also offers some good tracks ranging from beginner to a bit more. The track to Camp Saddle, for instance, is not difficult but will provide you with a real sense of achievement. I second Matthew's foothills recommendations. The track up Mt Grey is especially well maintained. (I wouldn't start off with Foggy Peak; it is a pretty serious slog...) I can confirm that the track to Bob's Camp Biv is now well marked. I was there a couple of months ago.
I'll second Bealey Spur for later in the year once the snow has gone & the hut maintenance is done (gentle steady climb), Lake Daniell (fairly flat) or Mt Brown (fairly steep) All three can be done as day trips or leisurely overnighters and offer good scenery.
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Try a day walk into Ryde Falls, near Mt Oxford, easy to follow track, no major hazzards and a lot of people around on the weekends. Packhorse hut is also a good choice, come up from the Kaituna valley side, the track is steep in places but very easy to follow. Great views of Lytellton and the hut is good for an overnighter. This is one of my favourite places, i go 3-4 times a year. Walk into Magdalen hut on the St James walkway, I love this hut it is about 3 hours from the Boyle village road end. Park your car with the outdoor education centre for $20. Also Mt Fyffe hut near Kaikoura has magnificent views the track is an old 4WD track so really safe. Could be a bit of snow around at this time of year not a problem unless you want to try for the summitt of Mt Fyffe itself. Then you will need ice skills. All are dependant on the weather of course.
Heaps of good ideas here. Wharfedale Hut from View Hill carpark is another easy overnighter and pretty flat
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