Could you suggest a route? please...

Hi I'm new to this website, as you could probably tell... anyway, I'm currently living in the U.K but I'm visiting/possibly emmigrating to N.Z in February/march time and was planning to walk/tramp from Hamilton to Palmerston North and use hostels for nights. Currently i have no info to help me in this pursuit, so if you have any names of websites or information of routes i could use, that would be great. Thanks.
I am thinking here that you might find tramping in NZ a little different than in the UK. It may not be as easy to ramble across farm land and stay in hostels as you go. Firstly in NZ you have no right to walk over farmland so you will be confined to roads, secondly if you want to take a more remote route through Forest parks, there won't be hostels. Actually hostels are probably few and far between on the roads too. There are huts but you need to be fairly self contained and will probably need a tent to camp in some areas. I suggest you look at the Te Araroa Trail for something like what you want. The trail is a work in progress and I am not quite sure what route they suggest between Hamilton and Palmerston North. If you are looking for a remote experience then I would suggest going south through the Pureora Forest and then getting across somehow to the Tongariro Area. From there cross to the Kaimanawas and south through to the Ruahines.
Ye you dont really have any right to walk on farmland here too, so i was thinking of following roads or the Te Araroa Trail that you suggested but i cant find any detailed information on it anywhere, like where the trail follows what towns, cities it passes through etc. I'm trying to plan the route in full before i get to n.z, however that is proving to be easier said than done.
'...Ye you dont really have any right to walk on farmland here too...' not sure about that, there's an excellent network of footpaths and bridleways in England and Wales, and virtually all cross farm land in the Peak, Lakes for instance. Scotland's even better for access too. I'm new to NZ and while there is undoubtedly some excellent walking the actual access to marked routes is pretty much non-existant - warning no entry signs across farm roads, no cycling signs on forest roads etc.
well there are pathways on some, but stray slightly off them and you get your head bitten off by some farmer...thats what ive found anyway.
'....well there are pathways on some, but stray slightly off them and you get your head bitten off by some farmer...thats what ive found anyway....' well in many years walking in England, Wales and Scotland crossing countless paths on farmland, I can't recall having any such problems. The one time access was closed off was in the foot n mouth crisis in 2001(?), though in retrospect I think even then this was admitted to have been a mistake - costing countryside businesses a fortune.
Hi, we walked the C2C last year, and that crosses through private land, which has been granted by the owner - if you do the right thing. Sorry can't help you with your tramp from Hamilton to Palmerston North. Could help with quite a few tramps in the South Island. I'm an Aussie but love NZ - the friendly people and fantastic walking available.
Tom: Hmmm... I've hikes across NZs Nrth Island from East to West- took 11 weeks to cover approx 700 Km (not to mention the vertical ascents in climbing the 8 highest peaks) A lot of days were spent walking forestry roads & thru remote farmland. My alabi/ excuse was thatvI had genuinely tried to contact landowners, but couldn't contact ALL of them - a huge logistical task. A few farmers were grouchy, but when they realized I was on a genuine traverse / doing something special, they actually helped me. So I stayed in woolsheds, haybarns, shearers. Quarters...etc Yr proposed route wkd be easiest on State Hiway 1- our M1. But boring as. You may find it less mentally fatiguing tramping thru the bush... But there's no tracks running north- south. I suggest you rethink your route. Do youveant scenery, or boring farmland. Would you like to stay in Doc huts, or rough it in the countryside? Keep Me posted.

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Started by Tom_S
On 26 September 2008
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